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3 Timeless Kitchen Design Ideas

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It’s not often that you will renovate or completely replace your kitchen. Renovations with new appliances and cut to measure cabinetry Sherwood are intended to last for many years if not decades. Following only kitchen design trends and the latest fads may leave you with an outdated and unappealing kitchen when they go out of fashion. Throughout the years there are some design ideas that have become timeless for custom flat pack kitchens.

  1. Adding extra colour with two tone cabinetry.

Two-tone kitchens typically use one colour below the countertop and another above it. The bottom cabinets use a bright, vibrant tone while the top is usually a classic white or cream. A popular choice for the bottom cabinets is blue, which has been a favourite for decades. The colour options in cut to measure cabinetry Sherwood is almost limitless and can always be changed with a bit of paint later.

  • Open plan kitchens and kitchen islands.

Kitchens are the hub of the home, where families and guests congregate. An open kitchen provides an informal dining and entertaining setting and a casual feel. Adding a kitchen island opens up space for more dining areas and cabinets for storage underneath. Custom flat pack kitchens can have cabinets to fit any kitchen island.

  • Matt kitchen cabinets and custom fixtures.

Matt surfaces are those which don’t reflect light (unlike glossy surfaces) and are much easier to keep clean than glossy cut to measure cabinetry Sherwood. These styles look great with all colours, but are best with darker tones to give a very modern and clean look. For an even better look try handle-free or low profile handles which give a very clean and minimalist design.

Tailored Flat Packs Direct specializes in cut to measure cabinetry Sherwood and can assist with designing your custom flat pack kitchens to ensure a style you will love for years to come.

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