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What is the Best Way to Meet the Small Storage Needs in Your Kitchen?

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A kitchen design that does not provide ample storage space will trouble the homeowners considerably. As mentioned earlier, kitchen layouts need to be highly functional. But, this does not mean that the kitchen should only focus on providing ample space for working or moving about. It should also serve to provide ample storage space to meet a wide range of needs.


Homeowners often need lots of storage space in their kitchens. They will require some large cabinets to store large dishes, pots and pans etc. Some storage space will be necessary for concealing small to medium-sized appliances, smaller utensils etc. Besides these, homeowners will need storage space for their plates, crockery, cutlery, herbs, spices etc. too. All these requirements make it necessary for homeowners to consider a diverse range of cabinet sizes when they purchase flat packed kitchens for their homes in Western Suburbs and other places.


When you think of things that you want to store properly in your kitchen, you will typically think of the utensils, mixers etc. But, storing the smaller cooking tools properly is essential too. If you’re unable to find the spatulas, rolling pins, whisks etc., you could find yourself struggling to prepare the meals in a timely manner. Small though these objects might be, giving them a proper place can make things quite convenient for you. Among other things, it could help save you time, which you might otherwise spend rifling through drawers.


To get the right storage options for storing smaller objects in your kitchen, consider ordering:


  • Secret Drawers: These objects denote internal drawers that typically reside within larger pan drawers. These drawers lie above all the pots, pans and plates stored in the pan drawers. Use the secret drawers for storing your cutlery and kitchenware neatly. Use cutlery inserts for keeping all the contents in distinct compartments.
  • Movable Compartments: For those who like to personalise their storage spaces, these movable compartments could well be a boon. Placed above the main section of the shelf, these movable shelves are ideal for storing smaller objects. But, you can slide them to the left or the right in order to reach the objects stored in the main part of the shelf.
  • Hanging Storage Space: Suppliers of flat pack kitchens in Oxley and other areas often manufacture magnetic and hanging storage sections. These serve to utilise the unused space in your kitchen effectively. Use these hanging sections for storing your spices, knives etc. By storing the spices on the walls, you will be able to free up space in your cabinets. These sections come with hooks and hanging rails for placing your pots, pans etc. If you have a small kitchen, using such storing sections could help you make the best use of the space available.
  • Miscellaneous: Some other varieties of small storage units that you would do well to consider include:
    • Plate racks, which you could integrate within your wall units
    • Narrow spice drawers that could be more useful that filler panels
    • Pull-out towel rails and,
    • Wicker baskets
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