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What Are the Characteristics of Quality Flat Pack Kitchens?

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Flat packed kitchens are becoming increasingly popular in Sherwood and other places. These kitchens are an effective mix of quality and style. In addition, the fact that they remain tailored to suit the layout of your kitchen makes them highly attractive. Getting a flat pack kitchen will mean that you acquire a kitchen that not only suits your requirements perfectly. It also means that your kitchen will exude a unique and attractive look. At the same time, flat pack kitchens will not leave you with gigantic holes in your wallet. As such, they compare quite favourably with designer kitchens. This is especially so if you want to achieve the look of a designer kitchen, without having to shell out thousands of dollars.


Flat pack kitchens are ideal when you want a design that suits your space perfectly. Unlike off-the-shelf cabinets, you will be able to have your say in almost all aspects of the kitchen. For instance, suppliers of flat pack kitchens usually take your preferences and specifications into account. This is especially so when it comes to the cabinets, doors, panels, benchtops etc. In addition, you will also get to pick the parts and accessories that will connect everything together. So, whether you need open door hinges or soft-close drawer runners, you will be able to order cabinets with the features that appeal to you the most. The supplier will simply take the appropriate measurements and create each component accordingly. Thereafter, you will simply need to assemble each component together. If you’re familiar with various hand tools, assembling the components together will not be challenging. If not, you would do well to hire a professional installer.

Cut to measure cabinetry has always been quite popular in Seventeen Mile Rocks and other places. But, the high price tags that accompany designer kitchens were beyond the budget for many people. The advent of flat pack kitchens has transformed this considerably. Some people might feel that flat pack kitchens feature poor construction, low quality materials and limited design options. However, times have changed since flat pack kitchens first began to make their presence felt throughout the country. These days, flat pack kitchens typically offer:

  • Immense solidity on the base, the sides and the back to withstand the heaviest kitchen appliances and utensils
  • Several options for customisation
  • An exciting range of door styles
  • An enviable range of colours and finishes
  • An array of hardware and cabinet options and,
  • High-quality construction that features superior grade materials and hardware

Some of the best flat pack kitchens employ a screw-and-dowel style construction. In addition, they offer structural warranties for about 10 years or so. When you decide to purchase a flat pack kitchen for your home, consider shopping around for various options. The terms and conditions will often indicate the level of quality, materials and durability that the kitchen features.


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