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Common Layouts for Online Kitchens

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Designing a new kitchen is no simple task, the options and considerations to make are seemingly endless. One of the most fundamental decisions to make is the kitchen layout, as once this is known; you can begin deciding on other elements such as benchtops and appliances. Tailored Flat Packs Direct offers cut to measure cabinetry Sherwood to fit your new online kitchens to any design and space.

Designing your own online kitchens is a great way to ensure your new kitchen perfectly matches your unique lifestyle. A basic kitchen design concept is the work triangle, having a clear path in the shape of a triangle between the cooktop, sink, and refrigerator. Many contemporary online kitchens designs implement this concept. Cut to measure cabinetry Sherwood can fill this requirement in a range of spaces, some main kitchen types include:

  • One wall – this design is best for small kitchens, placing all cabinetry and appliances against one wall and extending up it. This makes the work triangle impossible.
  • Galley – these have two rows of cabinets on each side with a pathway in the middle. Cook tops, sinks, and refrigerators are placed on one side with the other being for storage. This greatly increases storage space for your online kitchens.
  • L or U shaped – L-shaped kitchens place cabinets and appliances along two walls while U-shaped place them along three walls. These designs are great for implementing the work triangle and dining spaces can be added with minimal interruption. Cut to measure cabinetry Sherwood can find many ways to occupy corner spaces in these layouts.
  • Island – this design has surged in popularity, and is perfect for open plan homes. With cabinets and appliances along the walls, it incorporates a large surface in the middle of the kitchen which is typically used both for light preparation and family dining. This is very inviting for guests and allows them to socialize with the cook. Other usages include helping children with schoolwork while preparing dinner.

Tailored Flat Packs Direct offer a range of cut to measure cabinetry Sherwood, making it easy to design and build your new kitchen. Our online kitchens designer lets you choose and model your new kitchen, contact us for more information.

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