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What do I do if I can’t find a particular colour?

First, check the online supplier brochures here for availability. Next check we have the colour in stock. If the colour is available in both instances, contact the Tailored Flat Packs Direct team to get the colour added in to the software.

How do I download a job?

Follow the link in the email notification to your Tailored Flat Packs Direct home page and simply click download. It’s that easy! A few clicks of the mouse later – it will be at your machine.

What happens when a job is submitted to me?

You will receive an email notification as soon as any job has been submitted. You can then easily accept the job by following the links in the email.

Is the Tailored Flat Packs Direct system secure?

Yes it is. We have programmers and technicians constantly working on improvements to the functionality and security of the Tailored Flat Packs Direct software.

What happens if the quality is not quite what I was expecting?

We use the highest quality products and machinery to produce your custom flat packs. If for some reason you are unhappy with the quality of your job, you can contact us directly.

What happens if there is a mistake when I receive my order?

If the order has a mistake you will need to contact us directly  in order to discuss

What is the cost of freight?

This will depend on the location of where you want the custom flat packs delivered. We strive to ensure that freight costs are kept as low as possible.

I need my order to arrive by a certain time. How do I ensure this happens?

An estimated completion date is generated at the time of submission of a job. If you need a job by a specified time/date, please contact us directly.

How long until Tailored Flat Packs Direct accepts my job?

As soon as you submit a job, we will receive an email notification. If it’s during business hours, it can be accepted almost instantly.

What happens if I submit a job and I want to make changes?

You are able to unsubmit a job and make further changes to until Tailored Flat Packs Direct accepts the job.

What is the turn around time on a project?

Tailored Flat Packs Direct gives you an estimated delivery date once you submit a job. It’s usually around 2 weeks depending on current workload volumes.


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