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Design Kitchen Online: 5 Tips to Design Your Custom Flat Pack Kitchens

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Flat pack kitchens are a great option for those who want to get their own design ideas for kitchen going. Custom flat pack kitchens allow you to bring vision of your own kitchen to life. At the same time, they can be rather inexpensive as well. You can save a decent amount of money going for a DIY flat pack online kitchen.


5 Key Tips for Designing Custom Flat Pack Kitchen

1.The Work Space

This is the space between your kitchen bench, the stove and the sink. This is a work triangle that you need to fix up first. All the three things must be in close proximity to each other. Keeping an efficient kitchen triangle in mind will help you understand how to place all these parts.

2. Decide on the Kitchen Bench

Your kitchen bench is where you will be doing the bulk of your kitchen work. So, there needs to be ample space around to provide for all appliances and actions like food preparation. Make sure you space out the bench enough for the cooktop, sink and all other critical kitchen stuff.

3.Anticipate Storage Needs

Your kitchen needs to have ample storage so that all your present and future needs can be met. The idea is to ensure that there will be no remodelling required once you have finalized the design. Of course with custom flat pack kitchens, you can always add or remove things. But this is a hassle at best and finalizing the design before implementation is the best way.

4. Sort Out the Power Options

Getting the power solutions when you design kitchen online is very important. Rewiring and redoing all that work is a major effort and should be avoided. It is simply better to get the combination right on the first go. Consider all the places where you are going to need power outlets. Places like the kitchen counter are the most common areas. You will be hooking up your microwaves and blenders there. The dishwasher will also need power solutions. Make sure you make the wiring provide for all these.

5. Compartmentalization

When you are designing an online kitchen you need to be sure that everything has its own place. This is best managed by segregating the design plan and providing space for all items separately. So, your cutlery goes to one cabinet and your crockery goes to another.


Where Can You Find the Best Custom Flat Pack Kitchens in Australia?

Tailored Flat Packs Direct provides the best custom flat pack kitchens in Australia. We have dozens of templates and design and can help you get the best flat pack kitchen for your needs. Visit Tailored Flat Packs Direct or contact us at 1300 659 525 today!


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