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Design Kitchens Online – Tips for Small Spaces

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Space is one of the major limitations when designing and building new kitchens, as with any other design, space is a precious commodity. There are many methods which can save space and make the most of small areas. In flat pack kitchens Brisbane, the design of the cabinets, layout of the kitchen, and unique methods of storage can all contribute to a great small kitchen. A small kitchen has some advantages, giving space to other rooms and making it easy to design kitchens online and install them DIY.

The best layout to avoid wasting precious space when you design kitchens online are called a ‘galley’ kitchen. In this layout, the appliances are clustered together and the remaining space reserved for storage. Some more helpful tips for small flat pack kitchens Brisbane include:

  • Use corner cabinets to avoid wasted space – cabinets with a rack that retracts into the corner void uses the otherwise wasted space.
  • Install shelving on any open wall space and above cabinets to make use of an otherwise wasted space. Magnetic knife racks or spice holders are a great way to use this space.
  • Make space feel bigger by using lighter colors, glass cabinet doors, and mirrors in flat pack kitchens Brisbane
  • Stay away from kitchen islands as they use way too much space in a small kitchen.

Tailored Flat Packs Direct lets you design kitchens online, to make the most of your space and customize the look. Our innovative online design tools enable the best flat pack kitchens Brisbane.

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