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How to Determine Whether a Rigid Kitchen or a Flat Pack Kitchen Best Suits Your Needs

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Many kitchen renovators and designers rely on software applications these days. So, all you need to do is to take a picture of your kitchen. They will upload it on their software application and guide you into making the alterations that you require. Designing online kitchens in Brisbane and other places can be quite important. It can help homeowners visualise what the eventual look of their new kitchen will be. This can be useful for ascertaining the elements that would exude a better look and those that it’s best to ignore. If you were to arrive at this conclusion after the workers had completed their job, you would have likely squandered a substantial amount of money.

A new kitchen can be a big investment. As such, it is best to consult various designers and builders to identify ways by which you can upgrade your kitchen without busting your budget. Rigid and flat pack kitchens both have their merits and shortcomings. But, many people overlook the benefits that flat pack kitchens offer because they feel that flat pack kitchens will invariably be inferior in terms of quality. This is a misconception.

A readymade kitchen might be worthwhile. But, you will still need to ensure that you select a reputed and established manufacturer who uses quality materials. Similarly, you will need to be aware of the duration it will take for the supplier to provide you with the kitchen components. In most cases, flat pack kitchen suppliers will deliver the materials within 14 to 28 days. In addition, you will need to be aware that making changes will be nigh impossible once you receive the readymade kitchen.

In contrast, flat pack kitchens are not inferior in quality to readymade kitchens. They are certainly much cheaper as well. If you want to fit your kitchen around pipes or other features, flat pack carcasses are ideal. In many cases, the suppliers will let you make last-minute updates too. Lastly, manufacturers will inevitably find it easier to deliver flat pack kitchens to places that are not easy to access i.e. apartments that necessitate climbing several flights of stairs.

Flat pack kitchens use the cam and dowel method of assembly. In other words, wooden dowels and metallic cams hold the entire unit together. Workers use the glue and dowel method of assembly when making rigid kitchens. They place all the components inside a jig in the factory. The jig squeezes the components together and holds them in place for some time to let the glue dry.

In flat pack kitchens, the metallic cams beneath the wall units will be visible. The holes in the sides of each unit might be visible too. Because of this, many people consider flat packs to be cheap. But, if you want a new kitchen in your Jindalee home, opt for flat pack kitchens because:

  • They will cost 10 – 15 percent lesser than rigid kitchens
  • You’ll be able to save the assembling costs by assembling the flat pack kitchen yourself
  • They are as solid as rigid kitchens
  • They are ideal for properties with restricted accesses
  • Retailers permit changes even after you have placed your order and,
  • Skilled fitters can cut down or modify the flat pack easily

Rigid kitchens will cost more than flat pack kitchens, without offering a comparable difference in quality. In addition, you might not be able to make any changes after you place your order. Despite this, invest in a rigid kitchen because:

  • It will not feature any visible holes in the sides of the unit
  • It will not reveal any visible metallic cams beneath the wall units and,
  • These kitchens minimise the overall fitting time as you will not need to assemble them
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