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What is the Difference Between Custom Kitchens and Flat Pack Kitchens?

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Not many homeowners have the ability to build their kitchens from scratch. This is why many people usually make do with the kitchens they get with their homes. Or, if they can afford it, they hire professional kitchen designers and renovators to remodel their kitchens. Having a fully-equipped workshop and the skills of a reliable and qualified cabinet maker can be a boon. But, not many people are fortunate enough to have these assets. This leaves them with the option of hiring a team of professionals to design custom kitchens in their homes. Or, they could simply purchase flat packed kitchens for their Oxley residences and assemble each of the components themselves.

Many people feel that custom kitchens and flat pack kitchens are two terms that refer to the same thing. But, this is not true. Both the terms denote distinct types of kitchens. Similarly, some people have the mistaken notion that custom kitchens offer a diverse range of stylistic options that flat pack kitchens do not. This is equally far from the truth as well. For the uninitiated, there is usually only one difference between flat pack kitchens and custom kitchens. In flat pack kitchens, the manufacturers provide you with the flat pack cabinets. Thereafter, you have the option of assembling these cabinets by yourself. In custom kitchens, this option is not available. So, the builders will build custom kitchen cabinets for you and install them as well.

It is worth highlighting that the construction methods that suppliers of custom and flat pack kitchens use will be more or less identical. In addition, there will not be much difference in terms of the quality of materials used either. Depending on your budget and requirement, suppliers of both kinds of kitchens will let you opt for budget or quality construction, materials and other components. Once the manufacturers deliver the flat pack components, you will need to assemble and install the cabinets. Depending on your familiarity with various hand tools, this will typically take a couple of days.

But, installing the cabinets will only denote completion of about half of the entire installation process. After installing the flat pack kitchen cabinets, you’ll still need to install the benchtop, the sink and the tiles or splashbacks. For the plumbing and electrical work, you will require engaging licenced professionals. But, in many cases, it might be sensible to seek professional assistance for installing the benchtop and tiles too. Otherwise, you will have spent a lot of money without getting the look you expected your new kitchen to exude. Homeowners who can afford custom kitchens can simply let the professionals deal with everything. This is yet another significant difference between custom and flat pack kitchens.

However, it is worth highlighting that when it comes to affordability and convenience, flat pack kitchens are peerless. If you don’t have the time to supervise the tradespeople, consider hiring professional kitchen installers. Just ensure that you make your decision at the planning stage itself. Otherwise, you might find the cost of the new kitchen in your Mt. Ommaney residence rising substantially. Or, you might find yourself surrounded with several components of your flat pack kitchen as you wait for the installers to visit your property.

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