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Do You Require Framed Cabinets or Frameless Ones?

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Selecting new cabinets will not always be easy. In many cases, you will purchase several cabinets at the same time. So, you will purchase cabinets of different dimensions, sizes and layouts. In addition, you will need to select the materials, hardware, add-ons etc. that you require. Cabinetry providers usually offer a wide selection of styles, makes and finishes when it comes to kitchen and bathroom cabinets. As a result, selecting the type of cabinet you need invariably becomes more difficult. To exacerbate the situation further, selecting between frameless and framed cabinetry can be equally tough.


In recent times, the craze for frameless cabinets has been increasing steadily. Makers of flat packed kitchens in Oxley and other places have been witnessing a steady rise in the demand for frameless cabinetry. In many cases, the popularity of frameless cabinets stems from their ability to provide additional space for storing all kinds of items. But, these cabinets might not necessarily offer the best value for your money. Therefore, it might be best to speak to your local cabinetry provider before you make your selection.


Experts opine that the trend for frameless cabinets originated in Europe. Otherwise, framed cabinets were the norm the world over. Providing a frame around the cabinet enhances the solidity and strength of the cabinet. The installed wood serves to prevent the cabinet from sagging with the passage of time. Framed cabinets also enable homeowners to paint these cabinets in a way that could be useful. For instance, if you have a white or plain kitchen, painted cabinets could infuse a dash of colour, thereby making the kitchen more attractive and interesting.


Cabinets with face frames also give you the ability to stylise them according to your personal tastes and preferences. This enables homeowners to make their cabinets look unique and distinctive. For instance, you might have come across cabinets with inset doors. In these cabinets, the doors blend in wit the frames, thereby making the frames virtually invisible or unnoticeable. Similarly, overlays can be quite useful too. Here, the cabinet makers will place the doors over the frames of the cabinet, thereby concealing them effectively enough.


Makers of online kitchens in Brisbane and other places believe that framed cabinets offer better value for money than their frameless counterparts. They feel this way because framed cabinets do not encounter issues such as racking. Racking takes place when you install frameless cabinets on uneven walls or sloping floors. In regular framed cabinets, the frame provides the strength to the cabinet to offset such issues. However, the absence of frames in frameless cabinets ends up making the cabinets look misshapen. Clearly, not many homeowners will want their new cabinets to look this way. So, they will need to incur additional expenses towards replacing these cabinets with face frame ones to provide the necessary strength.

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