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Do You Want to Order the Best Flat Pack Kitchens in Brisbane?

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It goes without saying that your cabinets play a vital role in influencing the visual appeal, the feel and the functionality of your kitchen. Estimates suggest that kitchen cabinetry accounts for around half of all kitchen renovation expenses. Not many people will want to keep replacing their cabinets frequently. Any renovation work in the kitchen will cause some disruption to the routine of your life. This is why it’s worthwhile to get the cabinetry right on the very first attempt.


A casual look at the different varieties of kitchen cabinets in the local markets will highlight the myriad of options available to you. Stock cabinets come in standard sizes, shapes, materials and finishes. They come in convenient configurations as well. These aspects, in conjunction with their relatively low prices, make many homeowners purchase these cabinets. However, most of these cabinets will not be very durable. Invariably, hardware issues will arise. Or, the look of the cabinets will fade. As a result, you will need to consider replacing them with semi-custom or custom-made cabinetry.


Almost any kitchen company in Brisbane and other places will be able to offer semi-custom and custom-made kitchen cabinets. The former usually come in a wide range of styles, which you can order specially. These cabinets offer some level of flexibility in terms of design aspects suitable for your kitchen. In contrast, the latter offers you total control of each aspect associated with the cabinetry. As such, you will get cabinets tailored to suit your specifications and your kitchen.


If you want the best custom-made cabinets for your kitchen, don’t look beyond Tailored Flat Packs Direct. We are a family owned and operated business, based in Hobart, Tasmania. Established in 1993, we commenced operations by manufacturing and installing high-quality wardrobes. Over the years, we began to manufacture and supply quality kitchens and cabinetry solutions. The durability and quality of our cabinetry has won us numerous clients featuring builders and retail consumers.


Increasingly, the trend of flat pack kitchens and Do It Yourself (DIY) kitchens is fast coming into vogue in Australia. As specialists in the field, we have begun offering products and solutions that cater to this growing demand. Our facility boasts of cutting-edge technology and equipment. Moreover, our staff have several years of experience in creating cabinets designed to exacting standards. Both these aspects, when taken in conjunction, enable us to offer premium and tailored custom flat pack products. To share your requirements, call us at 1300 659 525.


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