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How Easy Is it if You Want to Modify Your Flat Pack Kitchen?

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As mentioned earlier, many Australians like flat pack kitchens because they make kitchen renovations convenient and cost effective. Any kitchen remodelling project will involve a significant amount of expenses. Not all homeowners have the ability to pay upfront for their kitchen renovation projects. In this scenario, flat pack kitchens can be highly convenient. With flat pack kitchens, homeowners can keep upgrading their kitchens over a span of time. Suppliers of flat pack kitchens will price their wares on a per unit basis. As such, homeowners will only need to pay for the number of drawers, cabinets or cupboards that they require. This usually works out to be more convenient.

Despite the growing popularity of flat pack kitchens in Brisbane and other places, some people continue to harbour misconceptions about them. They feel that these kitchens only come in standard sizes. As such, it is not possible to customise or modify them. However, this is far from true. You can modify or customise your flat pack kitchen by:

  • Starting with standard sized cabinets before using fillers or custom cabinets to make the kitchen fit neatly between walls
    • Most kitchen layouts will include floor cabinets, corner cabinets, drawer cabinets, upper cabinets, a sink and an oven cabinet
    • After selecting standard size cabinets, you will be able to ascertain the gaps that require filling in
    • You could fill in these gaps with panels that match the colour of your doors or opt for custom cabinets to give your kitchen a customised appearance
  • Customising your kickboards to give your kitchen a unique and stylish appearance by:
    • Recessing the kickboards so as to give the illusion that your floor cabinets are floating
    • Installing kickboards that have the same colour as your benchtop or,
    • Installing metallic kickboards or kickboards that have a varied colour
  • Customising your benchtops especially if your kitchen is not a perfect square in shape
    • Opt for a laminated benchtop against your walls, while using a timber benchtop on the kitchen island
    • To create seating space, consider making the benchtop wider than your kitchen island
    • Pick the brains of your local benchtop installer to give your kitchen a tailored and unique look
  • Installing different varieties of lights to transform the appearance of your kitchen
    • Avoid relying on just a few overhead lights
    • Consider alternative lighting solutions such as task lights and pendant lights to make your flat pack kitchen look like a designer kitchen
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