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Hinges are often one of the most overlooked components of a cabinet even for custom flat pack kitchens, and many homeowners usually wouldn’t care about what types of hinge goes into their cabinets. However, professional cabinet makers and remodelers know otherwise. Hinges may be concealed and not visible most of the time, but they play a crucial role of keeping the cabinet doors aligned and working. Hinges come in many different types and are usually constructed from chrome, nickel or brass. Besides, hinges nowadays, even those used in flat pack kitchens in Seventeen Mile Rocks and other areas, come in a myriad of designs and styles, which means that they can contribute to the overall look and appeal of your kitchen cabinets.
Speaking of types, here are some of the most common types of hinges available in the market at present.
• Butt Hinges – these are the most common types of hinges available, consisting of two leaves held together by pins and can be mortised or non-mortised. The mortised cabinets are constructed differently, with two leaves on the inside and an outer lead which is usually decorative in nature.
• Concealed Hinges – these are also known as ‘Euro hinges’ and are hidden from plain sight. These are constructed with screws and the arm may be altered for lateral and front to back placements. These hinges are known for their sleek look and works well with full overlay cabinetry.
• Lipped Hinges – these types of hinges are usually used with rabetted doors and are easy to install. Plus, they are often more affordable choices.
• Self-closing Hinges – these hinges come with a solid spring which retracts to close an open cabinet door. These types of hinges are perfect for people who often forget to close cabinet doors, and are used in many commercial kitchens where people are usually too busy to be minding closing cabinets.
There are many other types of hinges available – from adjustable hinges to pivot hinges to glass door hinges and more – what’s important though is that you choose a hinge that will not only complement the overall look and design of your kitchen, but will also work and function excellently for a long time to come. You can see wide selection of these hinges in many manufacturer’s websites of online kitchens in Brisbane.

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