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How Can Homeowners Utilise the Space in their Pantries Optimally?

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Not all houses in Australia offer copious amounts of space. Similarly, not all kitchens remain lavishly spaced for working and storing things alike. Working in small kitchens can be tough and tedious. However, people living in homes with smaller kitchens often end up utilising their space more effectively than those endowed with large and spacious kitchens. In many cases, this boils down to organising the space well. Kitchen designers who design online kitchens believe that people with smaller kitchens end up making optimal use of their space more often than those blessed with spacious ones.


People with tiny kitchens have no option but to organise their kitchens well. Doing so enables them to utilise the space available to the best of their needs. In contrast, people with large kitchens don’t feel the need to organise them. So, they capitalise on the space available, until they run out of it eventually. This makes them organise their kitchens. However, the flexibility of having larger kitchens does not necessitate organising it well.


To overcome the issues of an overflowing and cluttered pantry, focus on the following aspects:


  • Avoid Installing Deep Shelves: Shelves that have distances of 40 centimetres (front to back) will invariably be difficult to access. Accessing items placed at the back will be tough. So, instead of purchasing deep shelves, purchase pull-out shelves that remain easier to access.


  • Install Spice Racks: Spices inevitably come in a number of small bottles. To utilise the space effectively, place spice racks between shelves.


  • Organise Items by their Height: For optimum utilisation of space, group items with similar heights together. This will make it easier for you to place the shelves closer together for the shorter items.


  • Determine the Space Needed Between the Drawers: Place the tallest items in the bottom drawers. Ensure that these drawers have at least 32 centimetres of space between them. For smaller items, leave at least 25 centimetres of space between drawers.


  • Accessorise Your Pantry Based on Your Needs: Some people only store food products of various kinds in their pantries. Others use their pantries for storing wine bottles. Ensure that you incorporate pull-out racks or basket drawers in your pantry based on your requirements. Suppliers of flat packed kitchens in Mt. Ommaney and other places will be able to do this for you with minimal fuss.


  • Store Your Plates Appropriately: People use various kinds of plates in their kitchens. However, storing and accessing these plates can be tough. Many people use overhead cabinets for storing their plates. This enables them to store plates in open shelves or over the sink. Individual dividers present in these shelves keep the plates stable. If this doesn’t suit you, consider purchasing pull-out plate racks for storing your plates on shelves behind hinged doors. Or, place these items in a plate holder inside a drawer. Some cabinetry solutions providers might recommend using plate peg boards. These boards make it easier to stack all kinds of plates securely together.

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