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How Do Flat Pack Kitchens Compare with their Rigid Counterparts?

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Revamping or remodelling a kitchen can be a complex project. Unlike your bedrooms or living rooms, kitchens offer high levels of functionality. This aspect serves to make them unique. To cite an example, if you decide to renovate your bedrooms, you will always be able to sleep in another room. But, if you renovate your kitchen, you will find it hard to do all your cooking in any other room. But, kitchens nowadays no longer remain spaces used solely for preparing food. Some homeowners like eating their minor meals in their kitchens. Others, who like entertaining, prefer revamping their kitchens to enhance the level of interaction with guests. These requirements have ensured that modern kitchens have ample seating space. Thus, it comes as no surprise that kitchens these days have become the hub of the home. When homeowners want to acquire new kitchens, they will usually consider opting for rigid kitchens that come pre-made in factories. Alternatively, they might think about ordering flat pack kitchens for their Brisbane homes.


People often end up ordering rigid kitchens for their homes because of the product itself and its construction. People have the perception that the quality of rigid kitchens will always be superior to that of flat pack kitchens. Hence, they feel that rigid kitchens will be more robust and long-lasting than their flat pack counterparts. It goes without saying that rigid kitchens could look more impressive visually than flat pack kitchens. But, none of the two options will be entirely right or entirely wrong. In many cases, manufacturers will use quality timber for manufacturing both rigid and flat pack kitchens. However, the quality of the end-product might vary based on the manufacturing processes. Flat pack kitchens have emerged only recently. Hence, not many people feel that these kitchens offer superior levels of quality and durability. In contrast, rigid kitchens have been around for ages. Therefore, several people find it easier to shop for those than for their flat packed counterparts.


The manufacture of rigid kitchen cabinetry takes place with the help of machines. Thus, the quality of furniture and cabinetry will be more accurate as opposed to the onsite construction of these kitchens. For instance, the cabinets in rigid kitchens will usually be square-shaped on all sides and elevations. Accomplishing this outcome by hand in enclosed spaces will never be easy. Similarly, rigid kitchens will feature drawer runners that offer perfect symmetry because of their machine-based construction. Again, accomplishing this result manually will never be easy. In addition, rigidly manufactured kitchen furniture will always feature glue and dowel joints. In contrast, most DIY kitchens will feature the use of screws for the joints. As a result, each time you open your cabinet doors, the screws used will be visible. For these reasons, people often overlook the value that modern flat pack kitchens offer.


The popularity of flat pack kitchens stems from their space-efficient and customised features. Transporting and assembling these kitchens remains easy. Moreover, having the ability to create cabinets for kitchens with irregular shapes and layouts makes flat pack kitchens highly convenient. Flat pack kitchens also reduce (and in some cases, eliminate) shipping and storage costs. Moreover, you have the option of installing these kitchens by yourself too. Thus, you could save on installation costs too. These aspects make flat pack kitchens cost-effective alternatives to rigid kitchens. But, it can be worth highlighting that buying flat pack kitchens from reputed manufacturers could eliminate the quality issues that dog inferior varieties. In addition, the ease of delivery and storage can be useful. Suppliers of these kitchens will usually allow you to make last-minute changes to your order. This might not be possible when you purchase rigid kitchens. Lastly, with flat pack kitchens, you can expect to receive more bang for your buck courtesy their cost-effectiveness.

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