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How Should Homeowners Consider Selecting A Quality Bathroom Vanity?

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Not many people have the privilege of having large and spacious bathrooms in their homes. Bathrooms can often be smaller spaces. Hence, utilising the space available to the greatest extent possible can be important. For many people, their bathroom vanities have become the focal point of their bathrooms. But, this accomplishment does not come about by default.

Instead, meticulous plans and consideration to each detail remain key when you decide to purchase a bathroom vanity. You might have ordered cut to measure cabinetry in your Seventeen Mile Rocks property. These cabinetry makers can easily design and build your bathroom vanity. However, you will need to talk about each aspect of the vanity – from the looks to the utility.

The factors to consider when choosing a bathroom vanity for your main bathroom include:

  • The Intended Use: Before you go about contacting your local cabinetry supplier for a new bathroom vanity, think of the people who will be using it. Also, consider the intended use. For instance, couples might want to use the sink simultaneously. So, it might be worthwhile installing a vanity with a double sink. For single users, something smaller will be ideal. Similarly, some people might want additional counter space and storage to keep their supplies. Know these requirements before you visit your cabinet makers.
  • The Plumbing: Not many people know this, but the plumbing often exerts a considerable influence on the style and placement of the vanity. For instance, floor-mounted vanities can use the regular plumbing layout. In contrast, wall-mounted vanities might require moving the plumbing for the sink. It can be worth highlighting that moving the plumbing will add to the cost of the project. It will also consume a little more time.
  • The Bathroom Design: Getting a new kitchen in your Jindalee home might necessitate altering the layout of the existing one. Similarly, a closer look at the existing design of the bathroom could highlight the need to change it. For instance, consider a situation where the bathroom door swings inwards and hits the vanity. Or, if you have a shower door that swings out, it could hit the vanity too. Consider the placement of the vanity with respect to the placement of the toilet. Ideally, you won’t want to bump into the vanity each time you use the toilet. Similarly, ensure that the vanity does not impede the flow of movement in the bathroom.
  • The Storage Requirements: Vanities can offer additional levels of storage. But, you might need to compromise about the space and size of storage offered. For instance, accommodating three columns of drawers with sufficient space for the sink plumbing might not always be possible. In addition, it can be worth mentioning that drawers and cabinet doors will swing outwards. You will need to bear this in mind when designing the vanity.
  • The Style of the Sink: The sink will inevitably take up some counter space. But, you can minimise this based on the style of the sink. If you have limited surface area, opt for a smaller sink. Compare regular sinks with undermounted, all-in-one and vessel styled sinks before you plump for one.
  • The Materials: Suppliers of flat pack kitchens in Brisbane and other places use quality materials for making their cabinets. When it comes to vanities, you will want the vanity maker to use long-lasting and durable materials. After all, the vanity will need to withstand moisture, heat and spills. Opt for vanity tops that offer superlative levels of durability. Similarly, opt for vanities made from wooden veneers, thermofoil, laminate etc. These will last you for much longer. They will also look good.
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