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How to Decide Between Prefabricated or Custom Cabinets for Your Kitchens and Bathrooms

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Oftentimes, homeowners head into kitchen or bathroom remodels without planning adequately. As a result, they often find themselves wanting to cram too many aspects into the same project. The one fact that they overlook inevitably becomes the costliest one. Changing or incorporating several elements into the same project will serve to raise the costs of the project too.

So, unless you have copious amounts of money stashed away, the price of your remodelling project could soon spiral out of control. Similarly, homeowners will need to determine the number of cabinets they need in their kitchens and bathrooms. In addition, they will need to pick the types of cabinets, the styles, the hardware etc. But, they will need to remember that the cost for new cabinetry could easily consume as much as half of their overall budget for the renovation.


People looking to install new kitchens in their Mt. Ommaney homes often find themselves facing a conundrum. They find it hard to figure out whether they should purchase prefabricated cabinets or custom ones. Ignoring or deferring the decision remains next to impossible. After all, cabinets take up a lot of space in kitchens and bathrooms. In addition, they often set the mood when it comes to the interiors of your home. Well-designed cabinets could make your home feel more inviting. For these reasons, it makes sense to spend some time in determining which kind of cabinetry will offer you the value you require.


In terms of affordability, prefab cabinets remain better than their custom-made counterparts. Similarly, if you don’t want to wait for the builders to create your cabinets, these off-the-shelf varieties remain your best bet. You’ll be able to install them as soon as you purchase them. The fact that these cabinets remain freely available makes them ideal in case you want to minimise construction timelines.

Many of these prefabricated cabinets come with limited customisation options. And, they come with a durable factory finish. Installing these cabinets can be quite easy. Moreover, these cabinets come in a diverse selection of finishes, designs and makes. From plywood to solid wood, cabinetry providers use different materials for making their cabinets. However, the limited customisation levels that these cabinets come with could act as a turn-off.


If you prefer to have a say in as many aspects of your cabinetry as possible, you should opt for custom-made ones. But, you will need to remember that the materials and design specifications you require could make the cabinetry cost higher. Suppliers of flat packed kitchens in Western Suburbs and other places can customise cabinets to suit your specifications. But, they will take some time to build these cabinets from scratch.

If you can work with these constraints, then custom-made cabinets can be perfect for you. You can customise each design detail. You could incorporate any add-on that you need. And, if you have an odd-shaped kitchen, you’ll be able to get cabinets tailored to suit the shape of your kitchen. Custom cabinets typically feature high-quality materials in addition to quality craftsmanship. So, these cabinets could last you for several years.

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