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How to Pick the Right Hardware and Mechanisms for Your Cabinets

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Any reputed kitchen company in Sherwood and other places will tell you that the smallest details could well end up making a huge difference. This detail can be especially true when it comes to kitchen and bathroom cabinets. You will inevitably purchase many cabinet doors that feature the same material, colour and design. In many cases, you will not think about whether you prefer a knob or a handle for these cabinets. You might even leave this decision to the cabinet makers. However, this minor detail could make your custom cabinets look quite unique and distinctive.


Installing knobs can be a lot easier than installing handles. When you install knobs, you will only need to deal with a single attachment point i.e. one hole with one screw. When installing handles, you will need to work with another hole. In addition, cabinet makers will typically install handles in the lower left or right-hand corner of the cabinet – depending on the manner in which the cabinet opens. However, handles can be quite plain and unappealing. In contrast, knobs come in an array of styles and finishes. They offer additional design space to work with as well. As a result, it can hardly come as a surprise that knobs can make your cabinets look simple, classic and elegant.


However, if you want something that remains easy to operate, you might prefer handles as opposed to knobs. All that you will need to do will be to place your hand within the handle and pull the cabinet towards you. The effort that this will take will be purely minimal. The designs of handles give you the freedom to be creative. For instance, handles could be curvy or straight. Or, they could be long, short, simple or detailed. In contrast, knobs will usually operate in a circular manner.


If you do not know which of the two would look better in the flat pack kitchens in your Brisbane home, consider the following aspects:


  • The Grip Size: Ask the family member with the largest hands to use the handle for opening the cabinets. Ideally, this individual will be able to open the cabinet without any discomfort. This will not be the case if insufficient space exists between the knob or handle and the cabinet material.
  • The Design: Installing knobs or handles in the right spot can be vital too. After all, your cabinets must be low enough for you to reach, but not so low that they end up messing the overall design and look of the cabinets.
  • The Décor: In many cases, homeowners opt for knobs or handles that complement the theme of the kitchen or bathroom. So, metallic knobs or handles could complement the stainless-steel appliances in your kitchen perfectly.


It goes without saying that details can be of great significance when it comes to custom cabinetry design. Because of this, you will need to be vigilant. You will need to ensure that the final product features all the decisions you have taken. It makes little sense to spend all your time and effort in selecting the right cabinets, only to overlook the importance of having the right knobs or handles. Doing so, could make the entire cabinet look unseemly and incomplete.

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