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How to Plan for Your New Kitchen Effectively

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A fully functional kitchen can be a necessity. Unfortunately, not many homes across Australia feature such kitchens. In many cases, people purchase homes from the original property owners. As a result, they inherit kitchens built to and designed to the standards and tastes of the original owners. Clearly, working in such kitchens can be difficult. After all, the layout of the kitchens will hardly suit your working habits.

In addition, your storage requirements will inevitably be different from those of the original owners. In some cases, people make some changes or alterations to their existing kitchens and bathrooms. However, many of these changes remain cosmetic in nature. Many people don’t realise the amount of time they spend in their kitchens and bathrooms. Those that do, don’t think twice about acquiring new kitchens in their Jindalee homes.


To get a kitchen that checks all the boxes in your list, planning properly remains essential. So, ensure that you pay close attention to:


  • The Shape of the Kitchen: Consult experienced professionals on the kitchen shape or layout that best suits your home and the space available. For instance, galley kitchen layouts can be ideal in small homes and apartments. Similarly, L-shaped kitchens can suit smaller homes perfectly too. In larger homes, with no spatial constraints, almost any kind of design or layout will be perfect.


  • The Flow of Traffic: The layout of the kitchen should facilitate free movement. Whether you want to fetch a glass of water or prepare a meal, nothing should impede your movement. Design your kitchen islands and other elements in a way that they do not become obstacles for people moving about the kitchen.


  • The Bench Space: Consider utilising your space well. Opt for microwave cabinets, toaster cupboards etc. to keep all these appliances away from your workbench. This will give you ample space for preparing food.


  • The Doors and Windows: You might not always be able to work around the existing doors and windows of your kitchen. But, you could use them in a way that maximises their value. So, consider installing the sink in front of the windows. The view will make washing dishes a pleasanter activity. Similarly, you could use software to design kitchens online. These applications could help you make various changes in your kitchen design to see what the result would look like. For instance, you could eliminate the wall that separates your kitchen and dining areas. This could make your layout and design more effective.


  • The Power Connections: Identify places where you plan to use your mixers, coffee machines etc. Then, create ample electrical points and outlets that enable you to use these appliances. Incorporating a charging station in the kitchen might be worthwhile. As long as you keep it away from the sink and cooking areas, you could use it to charge all your electronic devices.


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