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How Your Kitchen Cabinetry Can Improve the Value of Your House

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When homebuyers look for their dream home, they are often looking for a house that meets as many of their requirements as possible. Rarely will homebuyers find houses that suit them perfectly. But, the more counts on which a property meets the requirements of the homebuyers, the greater will be the chances of the homebuyers purchasing that particular property. Individual tastes and preferences will undoubtedly vary from one person to another. But, when you come across a house that meets some of your non-negotiable needs, you will feel more inclined to purchase it. Similarly, if you come across a property that requires minimal levels of renovation or refurbishment, you will feel more inclined to buy it.


One of the factors that homebuyers accord great importance to is the kitchen. It goes without saying that installing a new kitchen in your Jindalee residence will undoubtedly cost a lot of money. In this scenario, if you were to find a house with a superb kitchen design and layout, you will feel quite pleased. A kitchen with an efficient layout will not require much remodelling. This will save you quite a bit of money when you do renovate your kitchen. Similarly, kitchens that offer ample storage and working space can be a dream to work in. Such kitchens will only require minimal touch-ups. For a room where you will be spending a significant portion of your time each day, this can be a profitable investment.


Realtors opine that your kitchen cabinetry can influence the right buyers in a number of ways. This is because homebuyers often scrutinise kitchens to see the kind of cabinetry currently in place. If the cabinetry is high quality and doesn’t look dated, it will minimise the need for carrying out any repairs or even, replacing the cabinetry. Homebuyers will typically evaluate kitchen cabinetry over the following parameters:


  • The Layout: Kitchens with efficient and open layouts are huge draws in the country. Homebuyers often look for houses featuring open-plan living and multifunctional spaces. In this scenario, kitchens with large open-plan spaces will attract a lot of attention. Similarly, kitchens with islands are quite appealing too. These elements offer homebuyers the attraction of being able to multitask in the kitchen.
  • The Approach to Cabinetry: Simple and elegant cabinetry often appeals to homebuyers. They invariably look for cabinets that are symmetrical and repetitive. So, ensure that the new cabinetry in your Mt. Ommaney residence is identical in size.
  • The Quality: Quality inevitably trumps quantity on many counts. This holds true when it comes to kitchen cabinets as well. Homebuyers will consider the number of cabinets that the kitchen has. But, they will typically look for custom cabinets featuring quality hinges, runners, soft-close drawers etc. This is one of the reasons why cut to measure cabinetry is so popular in Seventeen Mile Rocks and the adjoining areas.
  • The Levels of Brightness: Australians invariably feel attracted to open, airy and bright kitchens. White kitchens are universally appealing. This offers homebuyers the opportunity to add colours that suit them without needing to go in for a complete overhaul of the kitchen. In addition, white kitchens usually end up creating the illusion of additional space.
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