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The Importance of Having Proper Kitchen Corner Storage Systems

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Acquiring the right cabinetry solutions for your kitchen is undoubtedly important. Cabinets and drawers enable you to make optimum utilisation of the space available. More importantly, they enable you to find space for keeping all the objects and food items that you typically use in your kitchen. Of late, the demand for tidy and easily accessible kitchen storage has been on the rise. Such cabinetry solutions enable homeowners to store their possessions in the best possible spot for retrieving whenever they need these objects. But, not all homeowners pay much attention to the corner spaces of their kitchens. As a result, the end up wasting a considerable amount of space.

It goes without saying that kitchen corner storage systems are a must for any homeowner. This is especially so if they are planning to order custom flat pack kitchens. If you don’t consider the corners of your kitchen, you could end up wasting a lot of space unnecessarily. Each corner can be especially vital in smaller kitchens. This is why it is essential for homeowners to think about the space available in their kitchens, when they plan a new kitchen. If you have ever seen kitchens where two adjoining runs meet to form a corner, as is the case in L-shaped or U-shaped kitchens, you will probably have come across instances of waste space in kitchens.

Many homeowners put up with the loss of valuable kitchen corner space. This is because accessing the rear space in the cupboard can become very difficult. If an elderly person happens to be the one using the kitchen the most, then bending down to access such spaces can be nigh impossible. Stretching and straining one’s body to access these spaces could result in sustaining injuries or sprains in various parts of the body. Another point to consider is that seldom will you be able to find what you’re looking for in such spaces on the very first attempt. You will inevitably need to pull out quite a few objects, before you come across the utensil or object that you need. This is why homeowners often end up not using or neglecting this space.

Consider making better use of such spaces by purchasing:

  • Le Mans Corner Units: These units bear the name of the renowned French race track. Not surprisingly, they have a similar shape as well. Such kitchen corner units feature two large trays that sit one above the other. These trays make optimal use of the depth of the cupboard. When opened, the sleek design of these units enables each shelf to slide out smoothly and silently. As such, instead of reaching out for the contents, the shelf brings all the contents into easy reach for you. These units are popular because they:
    • Offer greater storage capacity
    • Make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for
    • Make it easier for you to lift out heavy items with minimal fuss and,
    • Keep the cupboard organised
  • Magic Corner Units: These kitchen corner units are similar to the Le Mans corner units. These units typically retract into the back of a base unit corner space. These units feature wire baskets as opposed to shelves. Two baskets will be at the front end of the unit, with another two baskets placed at the rear. When you open these units, the front baskets will extend outwards. Thereafter, they will pivot through 170 degrees to make the contents accessible. This action enables you to access the rear baskets. This is because the rear baskets slide outwards, following the front ones.
  • Larder Units: Many kitchen companies in Sherwood and other places offer a wide range of kitchen corner storage units. They also supply corner larder units. People typically use these storage units for storing dry foods such as cereals, pasta etc. As such, these units will remain near the worktops to facilitate easier access. These units come in a wide range of sizes. Most larder units come with shelves or wire baskets fixed to the doors. So, when you open the door, the shelves or baskets will swing outwards as well.
  • Tambour Units: These units feature flexible doors that slide up and down for opening and closing respectively. You could use these storage units for housing kettles, toasters and other smaller appliances. You could even consider building plug sockets into the unit. This would eliminate the hassle of having unseemly wiring on the walls.


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