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How to Install Flat Packed Kitchens in Your Oxley Property

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The kitchen has increasingly become the centrepiece of the home. This is mainly because it is the place where the entire family comes together several times each day. In addition, it is easily one of the most used areas in the house. This is why people like kitchens that are spacious, welcoming and highly functional. Over the passage of time, kitchens can look dated and in need of a makeover. Many homeowners across Australia opt for the traditional route of carrying out custom kitchen renovations. These renovations help homeowners get kitchens tailored precisely to suit their requirements. However, an increasing number of people are exploring different avenues when it comes to revamping their kitchens. Buying and installing flat pack kitchens is thus, slowly coming into vogue.


For the uninitiated, flat pack kitchens refer to kitchens made in factories to templates tailored to suit your requirements. Suppliers of flat pack kitchens in Brisbane and other places take the measurements of the cabinetry you require. Thereafter, they work on preparing these cabinets in their workshops based on the measurements taken. Once the cabinetry is ready, they pack it into boxes and deliver it to the site. It is worth mentioning that these flat packs will also come with detailed instructions for assembling the cabinetry. The property owner will find the unassembled parts of each cabinet in a different pack. Thereafter, the homeowner will go through the instructions and assemble the cabinets based on the instructions provided. Flat pack kitchens are becoming increasingly popular because they save time and money.

Installing the flat packs involves reading the instructions and following them. However, to get the flat packs you need, you will need to look for reputed suppliers of flat pack kitchens online. On finding the company you trust, you will need to:

  • Measure the existing space (you could do this yourself or let the flat pack company’s workers handle this)
  • Select the layout of the kitchen by splitting the kitchen into different work zones e.g. storage, washing and cooking
  • Provide your requirements and specifications to the flat pack company for placing the order and,
  • Open the flat packs, read the instructions and commence assembling the kitchen together
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