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Is It Possible to Increase the Storage Space in Flat Pack Kitchens?

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When it comes to purchasing cabinetry, homeowners have three main categories of solutions. They could purchase the off-the-shelf products typically found in big box stores. These products come in standard sizes. They offer variable levels of quality. More importantly, they come in affordable price ranges and are available for purchase immediately.

People who do not face any budgetary constraints can afford to hire experienced designers to obtain quality cabinetry solutions. Each aspect of these cabinets will reflect the tastes and preferences of the owner. Naturally, these custom-designed cabinets will take some time for creation. Equally significantly, these cabinetry solutions will be quite expensive.


For those who find themselves in between these extremes, flat pack kitchens offer a viable alternative. Flat pack kitchens have become quite popular throughout Brisbane and other places in the country. Companies offering flat pack kitchens will typically visit your house. They will note down all your requirements, specifications etc. in terms of the new cabinetry you seek. They will also take accurate measurements for all the cabinets they need to create. In some cases, they might even offer suggestions and tips to utilise your space more effectively.

Then, they will build your cabinets in their facilities. When complete, they will deliver the cabinets and all the hardware necessary to your house. The complete order will comprise a detailed set of instructions too. These guidelines serve to assist you should you decide to install the cabinets yourself. In terms of cost, quality and timelines, flat pack kitchens offer a reasonable alternative to custom-designed or readymade cabinets.


On occasions, it might be necessary to enhance the storage in your flat pack kitchens. Doing so might enhance their functionality. At the same time, you could get additional space to meet your storage needs. Some ways to accomplish this include:


  • Replacing the Shelves with Slide-Out Shelves: In many cases, suppliers of flat pack kitchens will build cabinets with standard shelves. These shelves will do the job you expect of them. But, just as is the case with regular shelves, you will find it difficult to access items placed at the back. Remedy this by replacing the standard shelves with slide-out shelves.
  • Grouping Items of Similar Heights Together: Throwing things higgledy-piggledy into your kitchen shelves will hardly solve any issues. On the contrary, you will struggle to find things when you most need them. Similarly, merely placing things neatly in your cabinet shelves will not yield much benefit. Instead, organise them in order of their height. So, place things having similar heights together and store them together. This will enable you to maximise the storage space available.
  • Adding Additional Features: Check with your local supplier of DIY kitchens the other optional features offered with cabinetry. For instance, some suppliers offer cabinet shelves fitted with non-slip bases. These bases provide additional levels of stability when you pull the basket in or push it back. Similarly, cleaning the shelves becomes easier in case of spills. Installing these baskets remains easy. They usually feature in-built spaces that clear hinged blocks and door obstructions easily.


For more information, contact us at Tailored Flat Packs today.

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