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What Kinds of Construction Methods Do Makers of Kitchen Cabinets Typically Follow?

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When they design the layout of new kitchens, kitchen designers will typically take into account all your needs and specifications. In many cases, these designers will use various software applications and packages to design the new kitchen online. The use of online packages helps homeowners visualise the finished look of their new kitchens. It gives them the freedom to make changes as they deem fit, prior to the commencement of the remodelling work. Thus, the use of software packages minimises the chances of things going wrong when the remodelling activity actually commences.

When selecting new cabinets, homeowners typically focus on the styles, the colours, the materials and the doors of the cabinets. Each of these aspects are undoubtedly important. However, they are not the first decision that homeowners will need to make pertaining to their cabinetry. Initially, homeowners will need to consider whether they require stock, semi-custom or custom cabinets. Once you have made your selection, you will need to consider the kind of cabinetry construction you require.When it comes to cabinetry construction, suppliers of custom and flat pack kitchens in Jindalee and other places usually follow two methods. These comprise:

  • Face Frame Cabinet Construction: This method yields the most traditional type of kitchen cabinetry. Cabinets made using this method will feature frames made of solid wood attached to the front of the cabinet box. The cabinetmakers will use hinges for attaching the door to the frame. Thus, depending on your requirements, the hinges could remain open to view or concealed. It is worth mentioning that the frame will usually overlap the door opening. Because of this, the drawers and pull-out inserts will need to be smaller than the width of the cabinet.
  • Frameless Cabinet Construction: If you want your kitchen cabinets to exude a more contemporary appearance, you will need to plump for frameless cabinetry construction. These cabinets are not merely visually appealing. They offer relatively more space inside the cabinet too. When you open the door of a frameless cabinet, you will see the ends of the panels that constitute the box. In frameless cabinets, the door hinges will remain attached within the cabinet. Thus, they will not be visible when you close the doors of the cabinet.

What Kinds of Frame Styles Do Kitchen Cabinets Usually Feature?

As mentioned previously, stock cabinets are available off the shelf. They do not offer much variety. But, they are inexpensive. Moreover, you can purchase them without having to wait for any length of time. Semi-custom cabinets are ideal in case you have a small kitchen. The greater range of sizes and storage accessories in these cabinets will ensure that you don’t waste time on fillers. However, if you’re about the kind of cabinetry you want, custom cabinets are your best bet. In fact, cut to measure cabinetry is quite popular throughout Seventeen Mile Rocks and the adjoining areas.

When it comes to cabinetry frame styles, you will typically come across three distinct styles. These include:

  • The Full Overlay: If you want your cabinet doors to cover the entire face frame, you will want cabinets that feature the full overlay frame style. These cabinets feature doors that cover the entire box front on frameless cabinets. As a result, only a tiny gap exists between the doors and the drawers of the cabinet. People usually prefer this cabinet style if they want their cabinets to exude a modern look. The clean look of these cabinets makes them quite appealing.
  • The Partial Overlay: In these cabinets, the cabinetmakers build doors that cover the face frame by about half an inch. Thus, the frame displays the area around the door. In terms of affordability, cabinets made using this frame style are the best. This is primarily because building such frames is quite easy
  • The Full Inset: If you want your cabinet doors and drawers to fit flush with the face frame, opt for the full inset frame style. It is worth highlighting that making these cabinets requires a lot of patience and precision. As a result, these cabinets will be the most expensive. However, the final look of these cabinets will undoubtedly be worth the expense. In many cases, cabinetmakers usually offer the full inset frame styles with custom cabinets. So, if you were to order a flat packed kitchen for your residence in Mt. Ommaney, you could specify that you require the full inset frame style to the cabinetmaker
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