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What Kinds of Frame Styles Can You Select When You Require Cut to Measure Cabinetry for Your Sherwood Home?

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Discerning homeowners will not avoid doing their homework when they purchase their kitchen cabinets. Instead, they will consider their requirements. Then, they will pass those requirements through several kitchen designers. They will consider whether a flat pack kitchen or a rigid one would suit their needs better. Thereafter, they would approach the relevant suppliers and pick their brains. They will review the existing cabinets that the supplier has made and ascertain the quality of construction among other features. Only once they have assessed the options available, will they go about making the purchase.

When it comes to assessing the cabinets typically found in flat packed kitchens in Western Suburbs and the adjoining areas, it’s useful to consider the frame style of the cabinets. There are usually three varieties of cabinetry frame styles. These comprise:

  • The Full Overlay Style: In this style, the cabinet doors will cover the entire face frame. In frameless cabinetry, the cabinet doors will cover the entire box front. Thus, only a slight space will be left between the doors and the drawers. The ensuing look is both clean and modern.
  •  The Partial Overlay Style: In these cabinets, the doors will typically cover the face frame by about half an inch. Thus, the frame will be visible all around the door. Cabinets of this kind are among the easiest to create. Moreover, they are the most economical options available too.
  •  The Full Inset Style: These cabinets have drawers and doors that fit level with the face frame. It is worth highlighting that constructing these cabinets requires immense levels of patience and precision. This is why many suppliers of online kitchens in Brisbane and other cities only offer these in custom cabinetry.
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