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What Kinds of Substrates Do Cabinet Makers Typically Use?

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Oftentimes, when you want new cabinets for your kitchen, you will need to choose between stock cabinets or bespoke ones. The former is easily available and come in standard sizes. But, the latter gives you more control in terms of the detailing that goes into making custom-made cabinets. As a result, custom-made cabinets will inevitably look better, last for longer and suit your specific tastes and preferences as opposed to stock cabinets. This is why flat packed kitchens are in such great demand throughout Sherwood and the neighbouring areas.

Not all homeowners can afford cabinets made from premium-grade hardwood. However, the look of genuine hardwood cabinets can be hard to beat. In this scenario, a compromise can be worthwhile. You could acquire cabinets that exude the look of authentic hardwood at affordable rates. Such cabinets will usually feature some substrates that can pass off as wood, with a layer on top that looks like genuine hardwood. Some of the most common substrates used nowadays include:

  • Particleboard: Made from wood particles mixed together with resin, manufacturers bond this substrate by exerting pressure. Cabinetry makers frequently use particleboard with laminate or vinyl finishes.
  • Medium-Density Fibreboard (MDF): MDF is similar to particleboard. But, it comprises smaller fibres. This enables it to offer superior screw-holding qualities. MDF features clean edges and a highly smooth surface. Unlike plywood, you will be able to paint the edges of MDF. This aspect makes MDF withstand exposure to moisture and temperature better than conventional woods.
  • Plywood: Manufacturers produce plywood by laminating thin layers of wood together at right angles. Plywood offers high levels of sturdiness. It is one of the most popular substrates used by cabinet makers the world over.

If you’re looking for new cabinetry in your Mt. Ommaney residence, it is best to opt for bespoke cabinetry. Custom-made cabinets usually offer optimal value for your money. Not only will you get to have your say in each aspect of the cabinet. You will also get cabinets tailored to suit your specific needs. In many cases, homeowners require cabinets that are not of the standard size. Finding stock cabinets in irregular sizes can be tough, if not impossible. This is another advantage that custom-made cabinetry offers. Kitchen cabinetry suppliers will be able to offer cabinets that take into account your specific tastes, requirements and preferences. Thus, you can rest assured about getting cabinets that blend visual appeal with functionality. In addition, you will not need to bust your budget either.

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