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Why Do Many Homeowners in Australia Opt for Installing Flat Pack or ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) Kitchens?

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Flat pack or DIY kitchens are slowly becoming more and more common across Australia. The reasons behind their immense popularity are not hard to ascertain. Increasingly, homeowners are looking for ways to renovate their kitchens without having to face any disruptions to their daily routines. Having builders and workers walking in and out of the house all day long can be quite tiresome. In addition, setting up a makeshift kitchen in another room in the house is not easy, it might not be practical either. In this scenario, flat pack kitchens are perhaps, the best solution. They permit homeowners to renovate their kitchens cheaply. In addition, despite being very affordable, flat pack kitchens do not compromise on quality.

Many homeowners like their kitchens to look unique. Flat pack kitchens score on this aspect as well. As mentioned earlier, flat pack kitchens involve the manufacturers creating all the components of the kitchen based on your requirements. As such, it is a given that the flat pack kitchen you receive will be unique. This is especially so because the manufacturers will have tailored each component to your needs and specifications. Besides this, flat pack kitchens come in a diverse range of designs. Flat pack kitchens come in an assortment of colours and materials. But, these do not serve to limit your choice in any way. Some manufacturers even provide functional add-on accessories such as pull-out shelves and drawer inserts. These can make it even easier to work in the kitchen. People with awkward shaped kitchens usually opt for custom designed flat pack kitchens. These kitchens utilise the space available effectively, while exuding a stylish and aesthetically appealing look.

Across the country, homeowners are succumbing to the charms of flat pack kitchens because these kitchens:

  • Are High in Quality: Some people feel that flat pack kitchens are cheap and tacky. But, this is not true. Flat pack kitchens are undoubtedly affordable. But, they don’t compromise on quality in any way. Manufacturers use quality materials for constructing cut to measure cabinetry in Seventeen Mile Rocks and the adjoining areas. As such, when you install these kitchens, they are in no way inferior to professionally installed kitchens.
  • Offer Flexibility: Homeowners have different tastes and preferences. As such, a ‘one size fits all’ approach will hardly appeal to them. Flat pack kitchens come in a wide range of standard sizes. They come in a diverse range of materials, colours and finishes too. So, you can give your kitchen any kind of look that appeals to you – ranging from the classic to the ultramodern. And, if you require a custom designed kitchen, manufacturers will be able to provide this as well.
  •  Are Cost Effective: Flat pack kitchens give homeowners ample choice. This is not merely in terms of the designs, materials or finishes they come in. With flat pack kitchens, homeowners could consider purchasing a whole new kitchen. Or, they could also purchase a few cabinets at a time, based on their needs. Not everyone can afford purchasing a new kitchen upfront. For these individuals, upgrading their kitchen over time is preferable and convenient. Moreover, flat pack kitchens are much cheaper than professionally designed and installed kitchens. As a result, without having to compromise on quality, you could save thousands of dollars by purchasing a flat pack kitchen.
  • Are Easy to Assemble: Assembling flat pack kitchens does not require you to hire professionals. As such, you could save some more money by assembling the kitchen on your own. Manufacturers pre-cut to size all the panels, doors and drawers. They also provide all the necessary bolts, screws and other fittings. So, all you need to do is to follow the instructions given in the manual for assembling the kitchen. In most cases, installing a flat pack kitchen will not take more than 48 hours. It is worth mentioning though that you will need a licensed plumber and electrician for installing any wiring or plumbing. And, if you’re replacing your kitchen, you will need to remove the old kitchen too.
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