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Mistakes to Avoid when Designing Your Outdoor Kitchen

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Designing an outdoor kitchen can be really exciting, and more often than not, this excitement is what causes homeowners to commit serious mistakes in the design and planning stages—from awkward angles to lack of storage and more. As such, here are some of the most common outdoor kitchen design mistakes that you should avoid so you can have the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

Not Consulting a Professional Contractor

Many ordinary homeowners usually have limited knowledge about electricity and plumbing, which is why they often forget to include these when planning and designing their outdoor kitchens. They often think about installing gas powered barbeque grills without thinking about where the gas lines will pass. They think about installing outdoor lighting but forget to plan where the electricity lines will run through. A faucet and a sink will certainly be necessary, but they forget where the plumbing lines will be installed.

If you’re not sure how to go about in planning for these things, then it is best that you consult a contractor, preferably one with knowledge and experience in building outdoor kitchens. Sure, you can talk to an electrician and a plumber separately, but why bother talking to different people when you can get all your answers from just one?

Prioritizing Design over Function

Everybody wants to have a great looking outdoor kitchen, that’s a given. This is why many homeowners often spend a lot of time looking up great photos of outdoor kitchens in Google or home and garden magazines for inspiration. There isn’t anything wrong with this, unless you start prioritizing kitchen design over function.

Having a pretty outdoor kitchen wouldn’t be any fun if you don’t like using it anyway because of certain inefficiencies. For instance, maybe you placed the grill in a certain spot because you thought it would look good there, but now whenever you cook the smoke wafts into the living room. Or maybe you chose a smaller version of a counter space because you didn’t like those big, bulky ones and now you have to prepare your food in the indoor kitchen because there isn’t enough space outside.

It is understandable to get excited and follow an outdoor kitchen design that you saw on the internet or magazine simply because it looked nice. However, it is always important that you prioritize function over design when planning your outdoor kitchen. If you’re not sure how to fuse your design tastes with functionality and practicality, then you should consider talking to a kitchen design expert to help you out. By keeping your outdoor kitchen functional, you’ll end up using it more and cherishing every moment of it.

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