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How Much Do Flat Packed Kitchens Cost in Jindalee and Other Places?

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A flat pack kitchen could cost you anything from $2,500 to $10,000. This estimate could vary based on the size of the kitchen and the manufacturer that you select. Many homeowners simply select the first supplier of flat pack kitchens that they come across. This might not be a great move. Instead, you should always obtain at least three to four quotes before you select a flat pack kitchen manufacturer. This would enable you to compare prices, the quality of work and the levels of service among various flat pack kitchen manufacturers.

  • The cost of a flat pack kitchen will depend on the following factors:
  • The number of cabinets you require
  • The size of the cabinets (depending on the height, width and depth you choose)
  • The finish you select for the cabinet fronts and,
  • The type of hardware (such as drawer runners, handles and hinges) that you opt for

In many cases, suppliers price flat pack kitchens based on the number of cabinets you need. This is because each drawer, cabinet and cupboards has its own specific price. So, you will need to determine the number (and the kind) of cabinets you require. Some of the most common varieties of cabinets that people opt for include:

  • A drawer cabinet
  • A fridge cabinet
  • Overhead cabinets
  • A sink cabinet
  • Base storage cabinets
  • Corner cabinets and,
  • A pantry

Flat pack kitchen cabinets come in a variety of standard widths. But, if needed, suppliers will also be able to provide cabinets with custom widths. After selecting the cabinets, you’ll need to consider the kind of door hinges and drawer runners you need. Some people prefer metallic drawers and cut to measure cabinetry in Seventeen Mile Rocks and other places. Others prefer storage racks in their pantries in addition to cutlery trays. Some additional costs that you might incur when installing a flat pack kitchen could include:

  • The appliances e.g. the microwave, the sink, the taps, the fridge, the range hood etc.
  • The splashbacks
  • The flooring
  • The electrical work
  • The plumbing and,
  • The painting

It is worth highlighting that the style of doors and the drawer fronts that you select could exert a considerable influence on the cost of your flat pack kitchen. Drawer fronts made of timber and two-pack polyurethane will be quite expensive. In contrast, melamine fronts will be quite inexpensive. Similarly, the type of benchtop that you select will be another factor that affects the overall cost of your flat pack kitchen. Some flat pack kitchen manufacturers will not supply all kinds of benchtops. So, you might need to find a benchtop supplier. In many cases, it might be worthwhile letting the benchtop supplier install the benchtop rather than doing it on your own.

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