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Why You Must Consider Open Shelving in the New Kitchen in Your Mt. Ommaney Residence

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Increasingly, kitchens are becoming the hubs of the home all over the country. This means that the kitchen is not simply a place for preparing meals. Its role has expanded much more over the years. As a result, homeowners these days are not content with having kitchens that are purely functional. They will want to utilise their kitchens for various other purposes as well. In some cases, they might want to snack with some close friends in the kitchen. Or, they might even want to handle other activities while preparing meals – such as supervising the kids. As a result, modern kitchens need to have efficient layouts. In addition, they will need to offer sufficient levels of visual appeal, so as to complement the rest of the home interiors. In such kitchens, common items such as jars, dishes and wine glasses will not only serve functional value. But, they will need to look decorative and pleasing to the eye as well. Because of this, you might no longer want to conceal these objects behind closed cabinet doors. To accomplish this, you will need to consider installing open shelving in your kitchen.

Homeowners often spend a lot of time browsing through home décor magazines and websites. These magazines and websites become a source of information about the latest trends in home décor the world over. They augment the knowledge that homeowners have in terms of interior décor. In addition, they enlighten homeowners about the latest design styles and layouts that are increasingly gaining in currency. Some of these websites even make it possible to design your kitchen online. As such, you will be able to simulate the look of your final kitchen by using a software application. Whether you want to revamp the layout of your existing kitchen or consider the merits of installing open shelving, these applications could help you ascertain the aspects that make your kitchen a delight to be in.

If you’re wondering whether open shelves would suit your kitchen, consider the merits of these shelves. Open shelves:

  • Offer Immense Functionality: These shelves provide ample space for storage. In addition, they make it easier to find (and show off) various items used for preparing meals or dining as well. Many people use these shelves to store bottles of wine or cookbooks. It is worth mentioning that you could consider installing these shelves beneath your wall cabinets, into your kitchen island etc. In darker kitchens, you could install under-shelf lighting to brighten up the space.
  • Create the Illusion of More Space: Not all homeowners are fortunate to have large kitchens. But, smaller kitchens can be dream kitchens, if they utilise the space available optimally. To accomplish this, consider open shelving. These shelves can make your kitchen appear much larger than it really is. To enhance the effect even further, consider installing glass open shelving.
  • Are Versatile: Open shelves come in a wide range of colours and finishes. They come with an array of lighting options too. Mix and match these features to create a range of different and compelling looks. Integrated open shelves often look good in traditional and contemporary kitchens. But, they will look good in country kitchens too.
  • Are Affordable: Any kitchen company in Sherwood and other places will vouch for the cost-effectiveness of open shelves. These shelves are much cheaper than wall cabinets. This is primarily because wall cabinets utilise more materials and feature handles. Thus, you could consider using only open shelves in your kitchen. Or, you could consider combining your cabinets with open shelves to create a two-toned shelving look.
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