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An Overview of Cabinet Door Styles and Shapes

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Kitchen cabinets are probably the most predominant features in a kitchen. This is quite natural because they will usually occupy larger portions of space in the kitchen. Moreover, in many cases, they will be the first thing that people see when they enter the kitchen. This is why it pays to do your homework when you want to purchase cut to measure cabinetry in Sherwood and the adjoining areas. You will need to visit various cabinetmakers to find one who can offer well-built and durable cabinets for your kitchen.

When shopping for kitchen cabinets, you will need to determine the material and the type of cabinetry that you require. At the same time, it might be worthwhile checking out the kinds of doors that you will want your cabinetry to feature. The doors you choose could have a significant effect on the overall décor of the kitchen. Some of the most popular varieties of cabinet doors include:

  • Square shaped doors are ideal if you have a traditional or modern kitchen
  • Arched or rounded designs are ideal if you want your cabinet doors to exude a more traditional look. They can look perfect in country kitchens – especially those with detailed woodwork and moulding.
  • Slab cabinet doors do not feature any panels in the middle. This is because suppliers of flat packed kitchens in Sherwood and other places typically make them from a single block of wood. These doors are ideal for use in modern kitchens because of their minimalist look.
  • Shaker cabinet doors feature recessed panels that have a simple design
  • Cathedral cabinet doors are similar to arched cabinet doors. However, unlike their arched counterparts, they feature raised panels with medieval arches at the top.

Similarly, some homeowners prefer their cabinet doors to feature decorative centre panels. If you’re keen on acquiring similar kinds of cabinet doors, consider:

  • Raised Panel Cabinet Doors: These doors feature a centre panel that remains elevated as opposed to the rest of the door. In many cases, the centre panels on these doors will have a contoured edge.
  • Recessed Panel Cabinet Doors: Raised panel doors have panels elevated from the rest of the door. In contrast, recessed panel doors have centre panels that are lower than the rest of the door. As such, they feature higher outer edges that exude style.



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