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Which Paint or Stain Finishes Offer the Best Value for Money in Your New Kitchens?

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Not many people can put up with inefficient kitchen layouts for long. Similarly, if the kitchen does not feature ample storage space, it can be quite vexing. A kitchen that does not suit your working styles can be a bane as well. In this scenario, it might be worthwhile considering remodelling or renovating your kitchen. In case the problems are not too severe or are manageable, you could afford to make a few upgrades to your kitchen. However, upgrades are not appropriate for kitchens that need a complete overhaul. This is especially true for kitchens that have not undergone any renovations or upgrades for five years or more.

If you want new kitchens in your Jindalee residence, you will inevitably need to consider the paint or stain finishes that the new kitchen features. Kitchen renovators will usually be able to offer a diverse range of paint or stain finishes depending on your personal tastes and preferences. Some of the most common kinds of finishes include:

  • High Gloss Finishes: Opting for a high-gloss finish can make your kitchen exude a contemporary look. The reflective qualities of these finishes can create the illusion of space. So, a tiny kitchen with a high-gloss finish could end up looking much larger than it actually is. In addition, high-gloss finishes are usually easy to clean and highly durable. However, workers apply this finish with a sprayer, in what is a time-consuming process. The labour-intensive process of applying this finish increases its cost significantly. And, these finishes can end up revealing every imperfection clearly.
  • Semi-Gloss Finishes: These finishes exude a more uniform look. While being relatively cheaper than their high-gloss counterparts, these finishes are resistant to scrubbing. In addition, they are ideal for using in kitchens because they do not hold much moisture. Their ability to fuse aesthetical appeal with functional value makes semi-gloss finishes highly popular throughout the country.
  • Opaque Finishes: Some people are against opaque finishes because the natural wood grain has the tendency to become obscured over time. But, opaque finishes absorb light instead of reflecting it. This trait alone ensures that it can hide imperfections better than other glossier finishes.
  • Matte Finishes: Similar to opaque finishes, matte finishes absorb light instead of reflecting it. This enables them to conceal imperfections. But, matte finishes will not be easy to clean. This is because these finishes are not very smooth. In addition, the colours of matte finishes will always look duller as opposed to the same colours in glossy finishes. It is worth mentioning that matte finishes will not offer much by way of durability too.
  • Glaze Finishes: Some designers of online kitchens in Brisbane and other places recommend glaze finishes. This finish refers to a semi-transparent wash of colour applied over a paint or stain. Glaze finishes can enhance graining and add some dimension and detail. However, this finish could appear darker in cabinet crevices.
  • Stain Finishes: Not many people opt for stain finishes. This is because this finish manifests nearly all the imperfections of the wood. But, stain finishes come in an assortment of colours. So, you will be able to mix these to arrive at a custom colour that suits your personal tastes and preferences. Use stain finishes for adding colour to wood without affecting the graining and patterns of the wood.
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