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Is It Possible for Homeowners to Modify Flat Packed Kitchens in Jindalee and the Adjoining Areas?

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Kitchen renovations usually tend to be expensive affairs. Homeowners often expect a lot from their kitchens. Unfortunately, in many cases, their kitchens just about meet their expectations. As mentioned earlier, people spend a lot of time in their kitchens. Hence, if they find it hard to move about or work efficiently in their kitchens, they will consider revamping it. In many cases, homeowners jot down a lot of changes that they want in their kitchens. But, not all of these are worth implementing. Only experienced builders and kitchen designers can help the homeowners decide which changes are worthwhile and which they can ignore. Even so, the cost of renovating your kitchen could set you back by hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

In this scenario, flat pack kitchens can be ideal. Contrary to popular perception, these kitchens do not come only in standard sizes. It is worth highlighting that suppliers have the ability to customise or modify these kitchens. Some ways by which homeowners can create custom flat pack kitchens typically include:

  •  Commencing with the Standard Sizes: Kitchen cabinet makers usually start by placing standard sized cabinets. Thereafter, in the space left over, they use fillers or install custom cabinets. Hence, homeowners would initially need to select their standard size cabinets. This will give them a good idea of the gaps that they need to fill in. They could then proceed to selecting narrower (or larger) cabinets for filling these gaps.
  • Customising the Kickboard or Toe Kicks: All kitchens have kickboards. Kickboards refer to the fascia that fit across the recess at the bottom of floor-mounted base cabinets. These aid in concealing the plinths or the supports of the cabinet leg systems. You could customise these by:
    oEnsuring that the colour of your kickboards complements the colour of the door
    oInstalling metallic kickboards
    oMatching your kickboards with the material of your benchtop and,
    oGiving the appearance that your floor cabinets are floating by recessing the kickboards
  • Tailoring the Benchtop to Suit Your Requirements: Many kitchens are not square in shape. As such, you could end up having gaps in your benchtop if you were to install it. Ensure that you let the suppliers of online kitchens install these for you. You could consider using different kinds of benchtops as well. For instance, you could place timber benchtops on your kitchen islands. Similarly, you could place laminated benchtops against the walls.
  • Investing in Quality Hardware: Your cabinets will function well as long as the hinges and drawer runners function perfectly. To get these items to last for longer, ensure that you purchase high-quality hardware. It is worth highlighting that suppliers of these items usually size them appropriately. Therefore, you won’t find it hard to fit these into your new cabinetry in your Mt. Ommaney property.
  • Focusing on the Lighting: Homeowners will be able to install their flat pack kitchens on their own. But, they will not be able to install the appropriate lighting fixtures in many cases. For this, they will need to hire electricians. Similarly, they will need to hire plumbers for installing their plumbing fixtures. Kitchens need to be as bright as possible. Hence, avoid sticking to conventional overhanging lights only. Instead, use recessed and pendant lights to good effect.
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