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Sherwood Kitchen Company: The ULTIMATE Local Kitchen And Bath Resource

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Sherwood Kitchen Company is a one-of-a-kind kitchen and bath resource that offers the best kitchen and bath products, with a focus on providing the highest quality experience. From top brands to custom solutions, Sherwood Kitchen Company has what you need.

At Sherwood Kitchen Company, we believe in designing spaces that allow you to enjoy your time at home.

Sherwood Kitchen Company has been serving residential customers in central Kentucky since 1987.

Nate Sherwood is a self-proclaimed “kitchen company”. His company is more than just a business to him, it’s his passion. Nate Sherwood was born and raised in Indiana. He also graduated from Ball State University with a degree in Industrial Engineering. In 2011, he saw an opportunity and quit his job to follow his dream of opening up his own kitchen and bath supply store.

Nate has been able to stay true to himself by staying local and providing the highest quality products at the lowest prices possible. Through Nate’s hard work, dedication, and commitment, he has built the largest kitchen supply store in Indiana and one of the top 20 largest nationwide.

This company is more than just a kitchen company. They have a long tradition of their craftsmanship and they offer many types of services:

-Customizing kitchens and bathrooms to meet their clients’ needs

-Manufacturing and installing cabinets, custom trim work, or other woodworking projects

-Designing and building exterior structures such as porches, decks, or gazebos

-Providing onsite or offsite construction management

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