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Should You Purchase Light Coloured or Dark Coloured Kitchen Cabinets?

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Kitchen designers often claim that nearly half of any kitchen renovation budget goes towards purchasing new cabinetry. This is hardly surprising. After all, cabinets and shelves usually consume large amounts of space in many kitchens across the country.

In addition, they play an important role in the design of the kitchen. Practically, they provide all the storage space you need to keep your crockery, cutlery, herbs, spices etc. Moreover, they complement the look of your kitchen with their finished look and feel.

Homeowners will often select kitchen cabinets in colours that suit their personal tastes and preferences. However, in many cases, they often end up having to choose between light coloured and dark coloured cabinets. Designers of new kitchens in Mt. Ommaney and other places feel that there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to selecting cabinetry colours. As such, both will look equally good in different kitchens.

However, you will need to consider the design as well as other elements in your kitchen. Also, you will need to consider the look, feel and style that you want your new kitchen to exude. These aspects could play a significant role in determining whether to opt for light or dark coloured cabinetry.

Light coloured cabinets often exude a timeless look. This is especially so when it comes to white cabinets. These cabinets suit kitchens having modern designs. White cabinets have been the norm in kitchens for decades and will probably; continue to remain so over the years. When you select white cabinets or cabinets in lighter colours, you will invariably find it easier to match and pair other elements of the kitchen with these colours. As a result, you will be able to mix and match other kitchen elements that have complementary colours.

Alternatively, you could even create contrasts with the other elements featuring in your kitchen design. Regardless of whether you have a country kitchen or a contemporary one, white cabinets will look great. Lastly, it is worth highlighting that light coloured cabinets reflect light perfectly – whether natural or artificial. Thus, they typically create the illusion of a much bigger space.

Black or dark coloured cabinets have their benefits too. After all, a kitchen with dark coloured cabinets can exude an equally compelling look. In many cases, dark coloured cabinets come with slick and elegant designs. These can exude a strong and bold look. At the same time, they can make your kitchen seem cosier and welcoming.

Homeowners purchasing cut to measure cabinetry for their Sherwood homes usually like black and dark grey shades. This is because these shades typically exude a comfortable and classic look. Other darker shades such as deep navy blue and those exuded by rich timbers can make the kitchen seem more inviting.

Kitchen designers feel that dark kitchens go well in formal and luxurious homes. They enhance the richness and depth of the kitchen. In addition, they feel that darker shades can create a perfect fusion of modern and traditional cabinet designs.

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