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Smart Ways To Store Your Kitchen Appliances While Maximising The Utilisation Of Space

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Inefficient kitchen designs can make it difficult to work in kitchens. Unfortunately, many people have no other option but to work in these kitchens each day. A large part of the average person’s wakeful hours end up in the kitchen.

From preparing the early morning beverage to supper, people spend several hours in the kitchen. Not surprisingly, the kitchen has become the centrepiece of modern homes. However, kitchens also need ample storage space. From utensils to glassware and from ingredients to appliances, kitchens must have sufficient storage space. However, not all kitchens in Australia offer unlimited amounts of space. Thus, kitchen designers often need to adopt innovative means for utilising the space available effectively.

Designers of online kitchens in Brisbane and other places feel that bad or poor appliance layouts in kitchens can detract from the overall look of the kitchen. Because of this, organising and storing these appliances well can be important. The stove, refrigerator and the dishwasher will be appliances that you use on a daily basis. To position these appliances perfectly, organise the kitchen into work zones. A typical kitchen will have five work zones for the food storage, preparation, washing & cleaning storing utensils and storing china & cutlery.

With the establishment of work zones, your larger appliances will fit into their respective zones. For instance, the stove will need to go into the food preparation zone. Some people prefer having working triangles in their kitchens. This involves setting up the stove, the fridge and the sink in a triangular layout to ease all kitchen-related activities. Regardless of whether you like work zones or the working triangle, it can be best to pick a kitchen design solution that suits you.

Having dealt with the larger appliances, focus on the smaller ones. Organise them based on the frequency with which you use the,. For instance, don’t place a rice cooker in a spot that would be ideal for your microwave or mixer – especially if you don’t use the cooker frequently. Also, don’t think twice about disposing of dated and unused appliances. Doing so could help free up a lot of space in the kitchen. So, if you haven’t used an appliance in more than one year, consider donating it or putting it up for sale.

Many homeowners find themselves with a number of small appliances cluttering up their countertops. In this scenario, placing these appliances in cabinets and drawers could be worthwhile. For instance, place your blender or mixer in a cabinet that has sufficient space. Or, put these appliances in shelves in the food preparation zone. Hence, when you need to use these appliances, they remain easy to access. In case you don’t have sufficient shelves or cabinets, contact the suppliers of new cabinetry near your Mt. Ommaney residence. These professionals will be able to design cabinets specifically for your kitchen. Thus, you will get cabinets tailored to the shape and size of your kitchen.

Another idea to explore might include investing in additional shelves. If you have a large selection of ingredients, having additional shelves could make it easier for storing them. Not all kitchens offer suitable amounts of vertical space. In this scenario, get your cabinetry maker to build rolling shelves. Rolling shelves with solid tops can give you invaluable counter space. These shelves can be of any height that you need. And, you’ll find that you will be able to put them anywhere that you want. If you have the space, consider installing an on-the-counter cupboard.

You could use it for storing a number of small appliances that would otherwise clutter your counter. Similarly, consider storing some appliances that you don’t use all that frequently in your pantry cupboard. It might seem inconvenient. But, the space that you can free up could be quite significant. Lastly, consider freeing up more counter space by hanging your microwave. Not only will your hanging microwave look good. It will free up some counter space that you can use for various purposes.

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