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What Space Considerations Should You Be Mindful of When You Want a New Kitchen?

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Whether you like modern or flat packed kitchens in your home in the Western Suburbs, you will invariably need ample space. The logistics of finding space to place everything is one of the most difficult parts of designing a kitchen. When you move into a new kitchen, you will have a clean slate to work on. As such, you’ll be more than willing to put up with some things that you feel could have been better. But, when you remodel your kitchen, you won’t be as accommodating. You will be aware of certain constraints e.g. the square footage, the existing plumbing placements etc. In addition, you will want your space to provide the functionality you sought. This is why it’s imperative to take precise measurements of the available floor space before you design your kitchen.

Once you have the dimensions in place, you’ll need to place the basic elements. These could include:

  • The Doors: Doorways leading into the kitchen would need to be at least 32 inches wide. If you like swinging doors, you’ll need to ensure that they don’t obstruct space in the kitchen. In smaller kitchens, hang doors so that they swing outwards rather than in. Keep your kitchen walkways at least 36 inches wide. Similarly, the walkways in work areas would need to range from 40 – 50 inches in width.
  • The Work Triangle: This triangle enhances the functionality of the kitchen by minimising the walking distance between the cooktop, the sink and refrigerator. Some of the best flat packed kitchens in Oxley and elsewhere feature work triangles having a sum of not more than 26 feet.
  • The Sink: Your kitchen sinks must have at least 18 – 24 inches of space on either side. And, if you have a dishwasher, place the nearest edge of the dishwasher within 36 inches of the nearest edge of the sink. Ensure that you provide at least 21 inches of space between the dishwasher and other appliances or cabinets.
  • The Counters: The best kitchens feature at least 160 inches of usable countertop space. This includes countertop space in kitchen islands. Ideal countertops will be at least 25 inches deep and feature at least 15 inches of clearance above. Ensure that your cooking surface has at least 12 – 15 inches of space on either side.

By using various online kitchen designing tools, you would be able to draw up an accurate design for the kitchen of your dreams. Once your design is ready and foolproof, the actual work can commence with minimal fuss.


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