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Tips for Making Your New Custom Flat Pack Kitchens More Energy Efficient

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When homeowners begin a  Custom Flat Pack kitchens renovation, one of the first things they look for is more storage space. So, they typically go about spending a lot of money in acquiring new cabinetry. For instance, cut to measure cabinetry has become exceedingly popular in many houses in Seventeen Mile Rocks and the neighbouring areas. Given the high number of cabinets that homeowners typically require, it is not hard to understand why new cabinetry typically consumes approximately half of any kitchen remodelling budget. However, while focusing on minimising their space constraints, homeowners would do well to make their kitchens more energy efficient too. In particular, they must ensure that their new kitchens consume lesser energy and water. Accomplishing this might require a higher initial investment. But, in the long term, these aspects could end up saving you a lot of money.

To make your new kitchens more energy efficient, ensure that you:

  • Invest in new appliances that feature the Energy Star label, as replacing your old appliances could yield a savings of almost one-third of your power bill
  • Purchase Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) for lighting up your cabinets and counter workspaces as these are energy efficient and produce very little heat
  • Insulate your hot water pipes to prevent the loss of heat as the hot water travels from your hot water heater to the faucets
  • Install on-demand hot water circulation pumps that can send hot water to your kitchen faucets almost instantly, thereby reducing energy costs by nullifying the need to waste water by letting it run through the faucet as you wait for it to heat up
  • Replace your existing faucets with low-flow water faucets for reducing the waste of water
  • Consider installing radiant floor heating for alleviating allergies and providing consistent heat and
  • Replace the exterior doors and windows in the flat pack kitchens of your Brisbane home with energy-efficient ones that feature modern and tight seals.

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