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How Do Walk-in and Cabinet Pantries Compare Against Each Other?

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In their quest to acquire new kitchens in their Mt. Ommaney homes, homeowners inevitably need to consider various factors. The number of elements that can undergo change in kitchen renovations is almost endless. For cosmetic changes, you could consider revamping the floor or the colours on the walls. Or, you could consider altering the colour combination of your splashbacks and cabinets as well. More intensive changes might focus on remodelling the kitchen entirely. This is useful in case the layout of the kitchen doesn’t suit your working style. It is imperative in case you find that your kitchen has issues of leakages or in case your kitchen does not have much by way of storage space.

Several homeowners often debate about endlessly are whether to opt for cabinet pantries or walk-in pantries. Both have their own merits. Walk-in pantries offer a lot of storage space. They typically feature multiple walls of floor-to-ceiling shelves. In addition, the size of each shelf is large enough to accommodate everything that you use in the kitchen. From cooking ingredients to large cooking appliances, these shelves can hold them all. But, you will need to organise your belongings well. For instance, you could consider sorting them by row, column or food group etc. One of the biggest merits of walk-in pantries is that they can store larger appliances with great ease. So, you will be able to free up valuable bench space by storing your slow cookers, deep fryers and microwaves in the pantry.

However, a large walk-in pantry can be a disadvantage too. This is especially so if you want to prepare a quick snack and don’t have the time or the energy to walk around a large space gathering all the ingredients. In many cases, these pantries will be some distance away from the appliances and worktops too. Thus, they can serve to reduce your efficiency levels. In addition, walk-in pantries will require ample space in order to be functional and efficient. This might mean shrinking the size of your kitchen. Similarly, maintaining and organising your walk-in pantry will require a considerable amount of time and effort. This is especially so when it comes to keeping the shelves clean and uncluttered.

People who view online kitchens in Brisbane and other places often wax eloquent about cabinet pantries. Unlike walk-in pantries, cabinet pantries do not feature several walls of shelves. Instead, they confine all your ingredients, snacks etc. to a single space. Thus, the compact arrangement makes it easier to find what you need. This layout also eliminates the time it will take to walk to and from your walk-in pantry. So, you could place the cabinet pantry near your fridge and work as efficiently as possible. The fact that cabinet pantries do not consume much space, makes them highly popular. In particular, they suit small or medium-sized kitchens perfectly.

But, the limited storage space that cabinet pantries typically offer can be inconvenient for some people. So, while you could store larger appliances in these pantries, this would consume a large portion of the storage space available. In addition, it is worth highlighting that cabinet pantries cost considerably more than the regular base or wall cabinets. This is because cabinet pantries are taller and typically include various customised features. The extra height will necessitate the creation of more shelves. Each additional cabinet will serve to increase the cost by several notches.

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