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What Are Some of the Fundamental Differences Between Custom-Made Cabinetry and Stock Cabinetry?

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Many people purchase their cabinetry from big box stores. These cabinets might be economical. They might even be easy to assemble. However, they will always pale in comparison to custom-made cabinets. Custom cabinets can provide an infinite range of kitchen design options. Unlike off-the-shelf cabinets, customised cabinetry will not comprise some cheap particleboard. In contrast, it will feature quality plywood.


Similarly, the joints in custom cabinets will usually include the sturdier dovetails, dowels or mortise & tenons. In off-the-shelf cabinets, the manufacturers will often use an assortment of glues. Or, they will include nails and screws of various types. These will hardly be a match for the longer-lasting joints used in custom-made cabinets typically found in custom flat pack kitchens.


In addition, the corner braces in custom cabinets will comprise blocks of wood-glue. In contrast, mass manufacturers of stock cabinets will only use stapled plastic corners in the corner braces. Lastly, custom cabinetry will invariably feature concealed under-mounts in the drawer slides, as opposed to the commonplace side slide brackets that characterise the low cost of stock cabinets.


The interesting thing is that when you visit some of the big box outlets to consider the cabinetry on offer, you might come across cabinetry sold by a number of manufacturers. These cabinets will claim to offer you a diverse range of combinations. But, the availability of these products will inevitably keep you restricted to the varieties on display in the store.


It is worth mentioning that manufacturers mass-produce stock kitchen cabinetry – often in an assembly line. The manufacturing will usually take place in batches at different intervals of time. As such, in some cases, you could find a marked difference in terms of the materials and finishes of these mass-manufactured cabinets.


Moreover, the mass manufacture of these cabinets typically involves the use of cheaper grade materials. These materials might not rate very highly in terms of quality. Thus, they will not always offer you several years of use. However, mass manufacturing these cabinets is often cheaper for these companies. This is why stock cabinetry will have relatively lower prices than custom-made cabinetry.


In contrast, providers of flat packed kitchens in Mt. Ommaney and other places make their cabinetry on a per order basis. As a result, all your cabinetry will feature quality and hand-selected grades of wood. In addition, you will get to take your pick from a diverse range of wood grades, styles, finishes and hardware. Thus, the cabinets that you receive will carry your imprint in almost every aspect. Such cabinets will not only look superlative in your kitchen. They will also last you for years, thereby giving you the best value for each dollar that you spend on them.

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