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What Aspects Should Homeowners Heed When They Build New Laundry Rooms in their Homes?

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Doing the laundry can be quite tedious. This could become doubly so in case you have a tiny or cramped laundry room. Smaller households can make do with small laundry rooms. The laundry rooms in these houses will usually not have much space for anything other than the washing machines and a sink (or two). Larger households will invariably have larger washing loads. And, they will require amply spaced laundry rooms. Without these, taking care of the weekly laundry could well become a thankless and dreary activity.


In some cases, the need for a larger laundry room might be so pressing that the homeowners could consider building a larger laundry room. In this scenario, they will need to keep a few aspects in mind such as:


  • Laundry Room Counters: Whether it’s made of granite or laminate, a counter in your laundry room could be a worthwhile installation. It could make it easier for you to fold clothes once you remove them from the dryer.
  • Laundry Room Hanging Rods: Many people hang their washed and dried clothes on hangars at the back of the door (or the doorknob). However, the lack of proper hanging space can be very inconvenient. You will be purchasing new cabinetry from a premier supplier of flat packed kitchens in Jindalee or other places. In this scenario, ask the supplier to provide a hanging zone in the laundry room by installing a hanging rod over the sink.
  • Laundry Room Safety Cupboards: The laundry room contains all kinds of detergents, cleaning solutions etc. With children in the house, you can never take too many precautions. They could easily mess about with some dangerous solutions and sustain injuries. To avoid these occurrences, install a cupboard where you can stock these cleaning products safely – out of reach of your children. You could even install a cabinet with a child-protected lock.
  • Laundry Room Shelves on the Upper Walls: When you need adequate storage space in the laundry room, consider obtaining basic “floating shelves” on the upper walls of the room. Use it for storing your laundry supplies.
  • Laundry Room Sorting Area: Clothes come in all kinds of categories. From coloured clothes to white clothes to delicate clothes, homeowners will wash an array of clothes on any given day. In this scenario, adding a sorting zone comprising a table or storage baskets could be useful. People could simply drop their clothes in the baskets labelled ‘Whites’ or ‘Delicates’ etc.
  • Concealed Ironing Area: Setting up a full-sized ironing board in a large laundry room could be nice. But, in a smaller room, consider asking your supplier of custom flat pack kitchens to provide space for keeping an ironing board concealed. It will slide out of a drawer when needed. Once you’re finished with ironing, you could fold it back inside the drawer.


Among other things, you could consider making the laundry room better illuminated and ventilated. A transom window or two might bring more natural light into the room. Similarly, painting the room in lighter colours could make it appear brighter too. These simple steps could help you acquire a laundry room that remains a delight to work in.

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