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What Can Be Some of the Costliest Mistakes People Make When Remodelling Their Kitchens?

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It goes without saying that the kitchen could well be one of the most used spaces in your home. You will inevitably use it for preparing all the meals. But, you might also use it for interacting with a guest or two and supervising the children while you cook. Given this backdrop, it becomes easier to understand why good kitchen designs can be essential. Inefficient layouts will only impede your working habits. Thus, they will keep throwing a spanner in the works each time you find yourself in the kitchen. An effective kitchen design will need a significant amount of thought invested in it. So, it will need to cater to the essentials that any kitchen will have i.e. storing food, preparing food and cleaning up afterwards. In addition, it will need to remain tailored to suit your working style and the appliances of choice.


Unfortunately, not all homeowners expend a lot of thought when they acquire new kitchens in their Mt. Ommaney homes. Hence, they often end up making mistakes such as:


  • Keeping the Sink, Stove and Fridge Too Close Together: You will rinse vegetables in the sink. Then, you will chop them before cooking them over the stove. So, you will need some space between the sink and the stove for chopping the food. By placing your sink, stove and fridge too close to each other, you will end up feeling crowded. Similarly, avoid placing the sink and the dishwasher too far apart. People like moving dirty dishes directly from the sink to the dishwasher. Also, keep the garbage area near the sink as well.


  • Obstructing the Path to the Sink, Stove and Fridge: The sink, the fridge and the stove comprise the kitchen work triangle. Each of these denotes a specific work zone. Ideally, you will want to move from one zone to the other. But, on occasions, some details could hinder this movement significantly. For instance, if a cabinet or pantry door lies en route to one of the work zones, it will get in your way. Or, if the doors of the fridge swing right into the path between the other two work zones, it could be quite inconvenient.


  • Insufficient Counter and Storage Space: When designing DIY kitchens, designers typically provide as much counter space as possible on both sides of the sink. Similarly, you will need as much counter space as possible on either side of the oven too. You will also need several cabinets to store your cookware and appliances. Otherwise, you might need to step outside the kitchen to fetch these, which might be inconvenient.


  • Inadequate Lighting and Ventilation: Kitchens with several or large windows will undoubtedly remain well lit to work in. But, you will invariably find yourself working with large appliances when you cook. In addition, you will be chopping vegetables, looking for ingredients and referring to recipes too. These necessitate using strong and ambient light. You could even consider installing dimmer switches. Thus, you’ll be able to have bright light when you work in the kitchen and mellow light at other times. You will also need to invest in a sound ventilation system that removes the air from your kitchen via a duct. These systems will not only get rid of smells. They will keep the temperature in the kitchen comfortable too. Cheap range hoods will usually only filter and recirculate kitchen air.


  • Insufficient Electrical Outlets and Inferior-Grade Cabinetry: Don’t buy cheap cabinetry for your kitchen. You will only find yourself spending more money towards repairing and eventually, replacing it. Instead, consider acquiring quality flat packed kitchens for your Oxley Your cabinets must be sturdy enough to withstand years of use. Similarly, you will inevitably use a wide range of appliances in your kitchen. Ensure that you have ample outlets for using these appliances.

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