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What Kinds of Kitchen Cabinet Styles Can Flat Pack Kitchen Manufacturers Offer?

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When homeowners renovate their kitchens, they will inevitably make a long list of all the things that need attention. Kitchen cabinets will probably be the first item on the list. This is primarily because it is rare to find kitchens that offer ample storage space. On occasions, the flooring might need attention too. If you have a floor that is not aesthetically appealing, you will want to replace it.

Similarly, kitchens often witness spillages of various kinds. If your flooring is not able to withstand exposure to water or if it stains easily, replacing it is a worthwhile measure. In addition, many homeowners spend a lot of time, effort and money in purchasing countertops, splashbacks and other kitchen appliances.

But, it is worth mentioning that your kitchen cabinets contribute significantly towards the overall look and feel of the kitchen. Hence, they should get the lion’s share of your attention too. Suppliers of new kitchens in Jindalee and other places offer cabinets that have a great effect on the overall look of the kitchen. More importantly, they know that kitchen cabinets need to look great, without compromising on their functionality.

This is why it is important to consider the styles of cabinets available. Some cabinetry styles might look good in certain homes. But, they might detract from the overall look in others. For instance, flat-front cabinets will suit modern kitchen designs perfectly. However, they will not look as great in rustic and farmhouse kitchens. In such kitchens, carved cabinet doors would undoubtedly look better.

Some of the most popular cabinet styles in Australia include:

Classic Cabinets: Cabinetry that features carvings and bevels are examples of classic cabinets. These cut-in cabinets are ideal for traditional kitchens. Classic cabinets remain characterised by their exposed hinges and detailed carvings.

Flat Front Cabinets: These cabinets suit modern kitchens perfectly. Suppliers usually make these cabinets from laminates rather than natural materials. The clean and uninterrupted lines of these cabinets make them a delight for many homeowners in the country.

Shaker Style Cabinets: Shaker style furniture typically features clean and simple finishes. This style of furniture also prioritises functionality over form. Naturally, Shaker style cabinets feature these qualities too. People typically opt for these cabinets for their versatility. These cabinets offer higher levels of flexibility in terms of their design. Thus, they end up looking equally good in rustic and modern kitchens alike.

Distressed Cabinets: Cabinet manufacturers often use software to design online kitchens. As a result, homeowners can get an instant idea about how their kitchens will look with the incorporation of various details such as distressed cabinets. These cabinets come with a traditional inset style and a distressed finish. As a result the natural wood grain around the edges remains exposed. In many cases, these cabinets come in soft neutral colours such as cream and bone. Pair these with decorative, wrought-iron furniture to create a compelling effect in your farmhouse kitchen.

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