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What Kinds of Kitchen Layouts Do Houses in Australia Usually Feature?

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In many cases, homeowners purchase houses built by the previous owners. Thus, it comes as no surprise that almost every aspect of the house suits the style and preference of the previous owner. Naturally, the kitchen will fare no differently. Working in such kitchens can be even tougher than normal. To eliminate such hassles, you might inevitably decide on a kitchen renovation.

Renovating your kitchen can help you extract more usable space from the house. But, this will involve spending a reasonable amount of money as well. Kitchen designers believe that changing the layout of your kitchen can improve your home too. In some cases, you might need to move the plumbing or install new electrical circuits. However, the outcome of your endeavours could be well worth it.

It goes without saying that the shape of your house will dictate the shape of your kitchen. Despite this, you will be able to alter the layout of your kitchen to one that suits your specific working habits.

Designers of online kitchens believe that some of the most popular kitchen layouts in Australia comprise:

Single Line Kitchens:

Common in small or open houses, these kitchens appear laid out along a single wall. In open-concept homes, these kitchens can look nice. These kitchens might incorporate kitchen islands as well. However, the lack of adequate counter space can be a drawback.

Galley Kitchens:

These kitchens typically feature two parallel walls. Each wall offers storage and counter space. They offer useful space for all the kitchen appliances as well. Designers feel that these kitchens offer the most efficient and practical benefits. However, the flow of traffic can be problematic with people bumping into each other in these kitchens.

L-Shaped Kitchens:

Kitchens with a lot of corner spaces can benefit from having L-shaped layouts. These kitchens typically have sufficient room for kitchen islands, while also incorporating a dining area in the space available. Homeowners like this layout because of the flexibility they have while positioning the work stations of the working triangle.

U-Shaped Kitchens:

Homeowners with U-shaped kitchens almost always have spacious kitchens. Not surprisingly, they like installing cut to measure cabinetry in their Seventeen Mile Rocks homes for meeting their storage-related requirements. In such kitchens, having large working triangles could be problematic. To avoid this, don’t place your work stations too close to each other.

G-Shaped or P-Shaped Kitchens:

Kitchens with these layouts end up incorporating additional peninsula when compared with U-shaped kitchens. The extension can be useful for preparing food or dealing with various other activities. However, G-shaped or P-shaped kitchens typically need ample space to remain functional. Otherwise, the cook might end up feeling trapped or hemmed in.

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