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What Kinds of Storage Solutions Can Yield Maximum Benefits in the Kitchen?

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Ordering flat packed kitchens in Western Suburbs and other areas can be incredibly easy. You only need to contact the supplier, state your requirements and wait for the delivery. Then, you could consider whether you can install the new cabinets on your own or whether you’d prefer a professional installation. However, not many homeowners pay proper attention to the new cabinets at the time they place their orders.

They will typically select a design and purchase a number of cabinets featuring the same design. In many cases, the new cabinets will function as needed. But, you will often face issues with this approach. Storing larger objects can be difficult. Similarly, in tighter spots or irregularly shaped corners, your new cabinets might not be all that appropriate or suitable.


To avoid such hassles, invest in a few cabinets that have different styles and features. Some options to consider include:


  • Kitchen Drawers with Suspended Baskets: These drawers make ideal under-bench storage solutions. They remain perfect for unused or odd shaped open spaces beneath the workbench. Fit these baskets to the top of the cabinets to gain additional storage space. The baskets remain fitted to the top of the cabinet. Hence, the width of the cabinet will never pose any difficulties. These drawers come with fully sliding mechanisms too.


  • Kitchen Drawers with Partitions: Some of your cabinets might feature pull-out wire baskets. Consider adding drawer partitions to these to prevent any items from spilling or falling over. Purchase adjustable partitions that you can adjust along the width of the basket. Cabinets with non-slip bases can prevent items from slipping too.


  • Kitchen Cabinets with Slide-out Baskets: Some kitchens will inevitably feature small, low, narrow and hard-to-reach spaces. Making cabinets for such narrow spaces can be tough. Avoid letting this space go unutilised. Instead, install slide-out baskets one on top of the other to create deep and long spaces for storing all kinds of spices. Suppliers of cut to measure cabinetry in Seventeen Mile Rocks and the adjoining areas also offer baskets with non-slip bases and soft close options.


  • Wall-Mounted Baskets: Wall-mounted baskets offer immense versatility. Moreover, they utilise the space available quite effectively too. Install them in your walk-in pantries, utility rooms or on the backs of your cabinet doors. You can fix these permanently to the walls. Or, you could make them temporarily removable too.


  • Under-Sink Slide-out Shelves: Concealed rubbish bins can be a delight to have. But, the space issues they come with can be a little taxing. Pair your boxed-in pull-out rubbish bins (whether side-mounted or bottom-mounted) with mounted pull-out drawers on top of and on the sides of the bin. Use these shelves for storing your kitchen cleaning products.

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