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What Materials Do Cabinet Makes Typically Use For Making Flat Pack Kitchens?

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Providers of online kitchen design services in Brisbane and other places can offer an extensive range of cabinetry solutions too. They will inevitably have years of experience in creating superb kitchen cabinets. In addition, they will typically offer cabinets made from a diverse selection of materials. The diversity of choices that these companies offer enables them to have something to offer for all their customers – from the high-end ones to those on a budget.

However, manufacturers use different materials for making kitchen cabinetry for various purposes. This is why it is imperative to understand which materials offer the best value for your money when you shop for kitchen cabinets.

Some of the most popular materials used for making kitchen cabinets include:

Particleboard: In many cases, manufacturers use particleboard for making flat pack kitchens. This material is lightweight. It is easy to work with. In addition, producing particleboard is cheap. Not surprisingly, particleboard is the material of choice for making cabinet boxes and shelves.

Laminates: Laminates typically feature particleboard interiors with laminate coating exteriors. This combination enhances the durability and strength of laminate cabinets.

Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF): MDF is another variety of composite timber. It is similar to particleboard. But, it features more adhesive to enhance its strength and density. Manufacturers of flat packed kitchens in Oxley and elsewhere place MDF on the exterior of the cabinetry. This portion of the cabinetry often suffers the worst wear and tear over time. With MDF, the cabinetry’s exterior surfaces will not only be more durable. Their finer grain will make them look much better than the regular particleboard.

Plywood: Using plywood to make cabinets is not in vogue. This is because plywood is among the costlier varieties of composite timber. The strength of plywood makes it imbue the cabinetry with a fine and solid structure. In addition, it can exhibit a natural wood grain without being as heavy or as costly as other hardwood varieties.

Stainless Steel: This material typically comes into use for making cabinetry designed for use in commercial kitchens. Stainless steel can withstand the rough use that typifies commercial kitchens. Cleaning it is easy. It can withstand exposure to water. The durability and strength of this material makes it popular in the hospitality industry.

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