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What Storage Solutions Can Cabinet Makers Offer for Pantries?

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For homeowners fortunate to have pantries in their homes, problems related to storage space will usually not arise. At least, not in the kitchen anyway. But, having a pantry does not mean that you will not run out of space over time. As mentioned earlier, people often purchase things and dump them in the storage space assigned.

Then, they forget about them. Invariably, when they start running out of storage space, do they think of getting their pantries organised. Numerous cabinetry solutions exist for homeowners looking to store an assortment of products in their pantries. Some ideas worth implementing include:


  • Pull-Out Pantry Shelves: Get rid of your fixed wooden shelves. Adopt pull-out shelves in your pantry. These shelves come with ample space to stack a wide selection of products. Suppliers of cut to measure cabinetry in Seventeen Mile Rocks and other places can offer an enviable range of cabinetry solutions tailored to suit your specific needs.


  • Bottom-Mount Baskets: People often find it hard to access the lowest part of their pantry cabinets. So, they often store products and machines they don’t use frequently in these places. Despite this, accessing these areas when needed remains problematic. To ease the problem, install bottom-mount baskets in your under-bench cabinets. These fully-extendable cabinets come in varying heights and widths. Use these baskets for storing glasses, bottles, jars etc.


  • Pull-Out Pantry Racks: For wider cabinets, pull-out pantry racks can be superb. You can adjust the heights of these racks to suit larger objects. The long and wide shelves of these racks make it easier to access things placed on them – particularly, because the shelves have little depth. However, these shelves are ideal for storing only light pantry items.


  • Slide-Out Pantry Shelves (Under Staircases): Some people utilise the space beneath the staircase as under-stairs pantries. Using this space can alleviate some issues pertaining to the lack of storage space. But, accessing this space can be equally difficult. Overcome these issues by installing four rows (or more or less) of pull-out shelves. Each shelf will usually extend to 100 percent of its length, thereby providing plenty of storage space.


  • Pull-Out Plate Racks: People often install pull-out plate racks for overhead cabinets in their kitchens. However, suppliers of flat pack kitchens online can convert these to provide adequate under-bench storage solutions as well. Use these racks for accessing an array of dinner plates, side plates, cereal bowls, soup bowls etc.


  • Wine Storage Baskets: In case you’re looking for an easy storage solution for your wine bottles, consider installing pull-out baskets. These baskets can store over 40 kilos of weight in wines. And, you’ll be able to incorporate these baskets in your pantries, under-bench cabinets, under-stairs cabinets or even, your wine cellars.
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