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What Storage Solutions Can You Adopt to Make the Most of Space in Your Laundry Room?

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Not many residences in Australia feature spacious laundry rooms. These rooms typically offer great functional value. Despite this, many builders and homeowners do not give these rooms the importance they merit. As such, many laundry rooms are tiny and narrow, having space only for accommodating a sink and the washing machines.

In case you need additional space, you will need to hire a builder. By breaking a wall (if applicable) or by adding walls to the existing space, you could acquire a spacious laundry room. However, having a spacious laundry room by itself will not suffice to meet your storage needs. You will need to contact providers of custom flat pack kitchens to acquire cabinetry for the laundry room that suits your requirements.


To utilise space effectively in your laundry room, consider the following additions:


  • Pull-out Laundry Baskets: Conceal your laundry baskets behind closed doors. This will minimise the clutter in a small space. Fit these baskets under the sink or in any type of cabinet. Quality laundry baskets can hold over 100 litres of weight. You could even opt for mobile laundry baskets that come fitted with castors to wheel around the home. Or, purchase rattan, plastic or canvas freestanding baskets that complement your revamped laundry room.


  • Create Nooks in Cabinets to Store Crafted Laundry Baskets: If you prefer working with a crafted laundry basket, consider installing a cabinet with amply spaced nooks for housing these baskets. Ensure that the baskets can withstand exposure to high moisture levels.


  • Tall Cabinets Fitted with Laundry Baskets: If you have tall cabinets in your laundry room, put them to good use. Install slide-out laundry baskets within these cabinets to place all the dirty clothes in. Accessing these baskets remains very simple. And, if needed, you could also place hooks on the sliding mechanisms that enable you to remove the basket altogether.


  • Slide-Out Canvas Laundry Baskets: Some people prefer having laundry baskets made of canvas or other washable material. Removing this material from the basket and washing it regularly could offer a tidier solution. Slide-out canvas laundry baskets suit such individuals perfectly. Remove the cloth from basket, dump it in the washing machine and let it hang dry, before re-installing it.


  • Under-Sink Storage Solutions: Many people find under-sink spaces tricky to deal with. However, suppliers of flat packed kitchens in Sherwood and other places can offer a host of storage solutions to utilise such spaces perfectly. Consider detergent pull-out shelves that can store a myriad of items used in laundry rooms. These shelves will easily fit into the narrowest and hard-to-access nooks in these rooms. Or, you could consider door-mounted racks as well. These can provide an easy way to meet your storage requirements.

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