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What’s the Best Way for Incorporating Efficient Kitchen Storage Solutions in Your Home?

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Not many homeowners in Australia feel satisfied about their kitchens. In some cases, the inefficient design of the kitchen stymies them. In others, the working space of the kitchen does not suit their working habits. Another issues that commonly creeps up when it comes to kitchens pertains to the storage space available. Many kitchens in homes across the country feature inadequate storage space. Kitchens need lots of space for storing utensils, dishes, glassware, cutlery etc. They also need space for the numerous appliances that come into use during the food preparation process. Lastly, all the food preparation ingredients, spices, herbs etc. need to be within easy reach as well. Unfortunately, not many kitchens offer these conveniences to their users.


Installing flat packed kitchens in your Jindalee residence can be an easy way to acquire the storage solutions you need. However, effective planning remains essential if you want to make optimal utilisation of your kitchen space. Some of the aspects that you will do well to focus on include:


  • Storing the Most Used Kitchen Tools in Easy-to-Reach Places: Many homeowners have utensils they love working with each time they cook. Clearly, you will not want to have to rummage in hard-to-reach corners of your cabinets to find these dishes. Therefore, store your most used kitchen tools in easy-to-reach places. Place items used everyday on the first shelf of the upper wall cabinets. Similarly, use the second shelf for holding sporadically used items. Place the rarely used items on the topmost shelf. When it comes to base cabinetry, reverse this arrangement. Use the topmost shelf for the most frequently used items. Similarly, use the lowest shelf for the items that you seldom use.


  • Creating Work Zones in the Kitchen: The ideal kitchen often features distinctive work zones. So, if you’re going in for a kitchen remodel, keep this aspect in mind. Ideally, you will need four work zones for preparing the food, cooking it, baking food and cleaning the utensils. If you have the space on offer, consider adding a planning area and a serving area as well. The advantage of following this approach lies in the fact that you’ll have all the tools you need for a specific activity in the zone you happen to be working in.


  • Tailoring Your Kitchen to Suit Your Specific Needs: Flat packed kitchens have become quite popular in Western Suburbs and the neighbouring areas. People like them because these cabinets come tailored to suit a specific kitchen. As such, these kitchens do not only look unique. In several instances, these kitchens suit the needs of the people using them too. For instance, some people might need additional help to access the hard-to-reach areas for various kitchen tools. To help these individuals, consider installing roll-out shelves behind the doors of tall or deep-base cabinets. Another recourse to consider could include concealing step stools in the kick space so that users can access the higher shelves. For corner cabinets, install swing mechanisms or turn shelves to facilitate easier access.

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