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When Should You Consider Refacing, Refinishing or Replacing Your Cabinetry?

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When people want to replace their existing cabinetry, they often look for viable alternatives. Of late, flat pack kitchens have begun to replace regular kitchens in Seventeen Mile Rocks and the neighbouring areas. These kitchens come tailored to your requirements. They do not cost a fortune. And, they enable you to handle the installation by yourself – as long as you’re comfortable working with some basic hand tools.

Many people think that the only way to rid themselves of peeling or ageing cabinetry lies in replacing it. However, this might not always be necessary. Your cabinets might simply require refacing or refinishing. Hence, it can be worthwhile knowing which recourse will offer optimal value for your money.

Refinishing kitchen cabinets involves painting the cabinets to make them look new. Prefabricated kitchen cabinets might be popular today. But, many Australian homes feature older cabinetry solutions. These cabinets continue to retain their solidity and merely require a fresh coat of paint.

Refinishing your cabinetry can be one of the most affordable ways for updating your kitchen. It will not consume much time either. Consider refinishing your cabinets for peeling vinyl-wrapped, melamine and timber cabinets.

Refacing your kitchen cabinets will involve replacing the doors and the drawers of your cabinetry. But, in many cases, you will retain the boxes. Refaced kitchen cabinets offer you the option of selecting doors and drawers in different designs.

However, you will need to ensure that these doors have sizes and shapes that match the existing ones. Suppliers of cut to measure cabinetry in Sherwood and other places will cover the existing boxes with veneers that match the new doors.

Refacing your cabinetry can be a cheaper alternative to remodelling your entire kitchen. But, it can still alter the look of your kitchen dramatically. Opt for this measure in case you have cabinets with minor interior wear or if you merely want a different kitchen design.

Installing new hardware will make your cabinets work perfectly. And, refaced cabinets can make your kitchen look modern. In terms of convenience, refacing your cabinets will not cause much inconvenience or disruption either.

If none of the first two options will work for you, you will need to replace your existing cabinetry altogether. This will mean that you’ll need to rip out the old cabinet doors, drawers and boxes first. Then, you’ll need to purchase new ones to replace the old ones. Clearly, cabinets consume the most space in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms.

So, replacing them will be costly. In addition, it will consume a lot of time. Consider replacing your existing cabinets when you want a new kitchen layout or design. Such projects give you sufficient levels of flexibility to make the necessary changes and upgrades to your existing kitchen. Or, call us at 1300 659 525 to share your requirements.

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